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Are Mushroom Gummies Good for You

Are Mushroom Gummies Good for You?


With so many products in the health and wellness markets these days, it can be difficult to keep up with what is truly effective versus what products may overpromise and under-deliver. If it sounds too good to be true ("re-grow a full head of hair in 24 hours!"), it probably is. However, there are also plenty of safe, natural, and thoroughly tested consumer products that deliver results.

If you have shopped in the health and wellness space in recent years, there is no doubt you have seen products containing mushrooms, from capsules to coffees to gummies and more. 

You may be wondering about this mushroom craze and have questions about "magic" mushrooms versus regular ones. Read on to learn more about the amazing benefits of fungi and get the answer to "Are mushroom gummies good for you?"

Mushrooms for Health: Centuries of Healing

Mushrooms have been used for health long before a "health and wellness industry" even existed. Ancient cultures prized mushrooms for their healing properties, and they are still a major component of what is often referred to as functional medicine.

Mushrooms are absolutely packed full of goodness, and ancient civilizations recognized this and used them as medicine thousands of years ago. This meant everything from use as an anti-inflammatory to a tool to heal wounds. 

Interestingly, there are connections between the ways mushrooms evolved to survive as well as how humans evolved to survive, and this may be part of the reason they work so effectively in our bodies.

Whether you are consuming mushrooms on pizza, drinking mushroom coffee, or taking them in supplement form, you may be benefiting in all of these ways:

The evidence is pretty clear that mushrooms are good for you. Packed with vitamins and minerals, these fungi have more than earned their designation as a "superfood." Can the same be said for mushrooms in gummy form?

Guide to Mushroom Gummies

It should come as no surprise, given the health benefits described above, that mushrooms are now used in a variety of gummies in the health and wellness market.

This is particularly helpful for the segment of the population who desires all of the health benefits of mushrooms but detests the taste. Mushrooms are not for everyonetheir sometimes slimy texture and earthy aroma can be extremely off-putting to some palates.  

Even if prepared by the most celebrated chefs in the world's finest restaurants, mushrooms will always be a "hard pass" for some diners.

Fortunately, their benefits can be derived in other ways. Mushroom gummies are available for those seeking health benefits as well as those interested in the recreational benefits of "magic" mushrooms (more on those below).

The type of gummies known for their health benefits are often described as functional mushroom gummies, connecting them to the practice of functional medicine that has been around for centuries.

Functional Mushroom Gummies: Uses and Benefits

Functional mushroom gummies are health supplements that may contain one or more types of mushroom extract, but they do not contain psilocybin (so they do not have psychoactive effects).

If you review the ingredient listings for functional mushroom gummies, you are likely to see a combination of these fungi:

  • Cordyceps
  • Chaga
  • Lion's Mane
  • Reishi

Each of these mushrooms boasts unique health and healing properties, from the boosted energy levels associated with Chaga to the cognitive restoration associated with Lion's Mane. The effects of a mushroom gummy will depend upon the combination of mushroom extracts that are used, but some of the positive benefits described by users include:

Side effects from mushroom gummies appear to be minimal, such as upset stomach or dizziness. If you are allergic to mushrooms, you should avoid taking mushroom gummies or supplements of any kind; additionally, those on blood-thinning medications should avoid mushroom gummies as they may increase blood-thinning effects.

Always buy your functional mushroom gummies from a trusted and reputable manufacturer and follow their specific dosing guidelines. Look for transparency in both ingredient lists and third-party lab testing information as well.

Magic Mushroom Gummies: Uses and Benefits

Magic mushroom gummies can also provide specific health benefits; however, they differ considerably from functional mushroom gummies. Magic mushroom gummies contain psychoactive properties, giving users a spiritual experience or "trip" where they enter a new realm of consciousness.

Are Mushroom Gummies Good for You

Magic mushroom gummies are not used in the same way as functional mushroom gummies. For example, you might consume a functional gummy each morning as part of a daily routine alongside other vitamins and health supplements. There are generally no side effects to consider, and these gummies would not disrupt your normal routine (work, school, etc.).

A magic mushroom gummy is one you would enjoy in situations where you are not constrained and have the freedom to explore its benefits. Campouts, hikes, and concerts are some of our favorite places to partake in magic mushrooms.

In addition to recreational use, magic mushrooms have also been the focus of newer studies regarding their effectiveness in treating specific health conditions, with some promising early results.

Magic Mushrooms as Medicine

Magic mushrooms have incredible potential in terms of treating depression, anxiety, alcohol use disorder, and more. Magic mushrooms activate receptors in our brains, and scientists are beginning to uncover how we might harness that activation in beneficial ways, especially when it comes to mental health disorders.

It is important to note here anyone using magic mushroom gummies to treat a specific health condition should discuss the risks and benefits with their healthcare provider.

Mushroom Gummies: FAQs

Are mushroom gummies legal?

Functional mushroom gummies, which do not have psychoactive properties, are legal and available for sale across a wide variety of health and wellness stores. The laws regarding mushroom products with psilocybin vary from state to state, so it is best to check the laws where you live.

Do mushroom gummies taste like mushrooms?

No! The beauty of mushrooms in gummy form is the manufacturer's ability to add flavorings that make them more palatable for those who do not enjoy the earthy flavor profile that comes along with fungi.

When should you take mushroom gummies?

Functional mushroom gummies can be taken in the morning or at night; read the manufacturer's information to follow recommended timelines and dosages. Magic mushroom gummies should only be taken when they can be fully enjoyed without interruptions or pressing tasks.

Are mushroom gummies safe?

Most people tolerate functional mushroom gummies well, but you should avoid them if you are allergic to mushrooms or if they interfere negatively with any existing medications. Magic mushroom gummies are best enjoyed by those who have prior experience with psychedelic mushrooms. If you are a first-timer, start out slow with the lowest recommended dose before working your way up.

The Road Trip Difference

Road Trip gummies are made with Amanita muscaria mushrooms, which can provide everything from an enhanced mood to a blissful dream-like state without psilocybin. These mushrooms have psychoactive effects thanks to muscimol, and they come in delicious and tantalizing flavors like Blue Raspberry and Pineapple.

Road Trip gummies are the perfect choice for your next adventure, whether that means a trip to the shore or a hike in the forest. These gummies enhance any experience and are a great way for first-timers to experience the true magic of mushrooms.

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