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Mushroom Gummies

Gummies present an enjoyable method for consuming your mushrooms, whether your intention is microdosing or seeking psychoactive outcomes. With our extensive range of gummy options, discovering your next preferred variant is effortlessly achievable.


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Real Reviews

First off, these are so yummy! This wasn’t my first time experimenting with magic mushrooms, so I know what to expect. I took two and it was the perfect amount! I must say I enjoyed these much more than other gummies or chocolates I’ve tried. They opened up my mind and gave me a fresh perspective to figure out some things going on in my life. Will definitely be purchasing again!

Corrin C. / Newport Beach

I ate two and didn't expect to go where I went. I was full visual hallucinations for a good 6-7 hours. I couldn't believe it. I was literally seeing peoples aura's, and the come down wasn't bad at all not nauseous or anything. It was wild! I will totally buy them again for future and my friends.

Erika / Rancho Santa Margarita

These gummies are strong AF! I took a whole 1 and cut the rest in half for my girlfriends. We took them in the afternoon and literally couldn't stop laughing, our faces were hurting the next day! Great experience, and fun memories made!

Jess / Irvine

dude!! These gummies are magnificent!! I usually have a high tolerance but I still started with one and it was definitely wayyy stronger than I expected! This things are fire! Glad I didn't take all 4 ha ha ha

Rob / Ladera Ranch

FAQs : Dosage and Effects

How Strong are your mushroom Gummies?

Determining the right dosage of mushroom gummies is a personal journey. It depends on factors like your previous psychedelic experiences, body weight, and individual sensitivity to psychedelics.

If you've had the opportunity to try dried mushrooms before the dosing is best broken down to 1 - Gram of Dried stems and caps is the equivalent of 1 of our Road Trip gummies.

1/2 Gummy

What to Expect: Taking 1/2 of a gummy constitutes a low dose. At this level, you can expect mild to moderate effects, including heightened sensory perception, increased creativity, and a gentle shift in consciousness. While not overwhelming, it offers a taste of the psychedelic experience.

1 Gummy

What to Expect: A moderate dose of one gummies will intensify the effects experienced at the starting dose. Expect enhanced visuals, deeper introspection, and a more profound sense of connection with your surroundings. It's a suitable choice for those looking to explore the magic of mushrooms more deeply.

2-3 Gummies

What to Expect: With two - three gummies, you're entering the realm of a high dose. Prepare for a significant psychedelic journey. At this level, you may experience vivid visuals, a strong sense of interconnectedness, and a profound exploration of your thoughts and emotions.

4 Gummies

What to Expect: Buckle Up! with four gummies promises a profound and immersive psychedelic experience. Expect intense visuals, altered perceptions of time and reality, and deep introspection. This level is recommended for experienced users who are prepared for a transformative journey.

The Road Trip Experience

1/2 Gummy

Head High & Chatty

1 Gummies

Body High & Giddy

2-3 Gummies

Sensory Effects & Altered Perception

4 Gummies

Spiritual Experience

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