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How are these legal? These product do not contain Psilocybin. Instead, we utilize a proprietary blend of legal tryptamines, nootropics and adaptogenics to mimic the effects. Making this product legal to sell.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Do these contain psilocybin?

This product does not contain Psilocybin. Instead, we utilize a proprietary blend of legal tryptamines to mimic its effects. Making this product legal to sell. In an effort to create a unique product, we do not disclose the specific composition of the tryptamines used in our formula.

How are these legal?

We utilize a proprietary blend of legal tryptamines to mimic the effects one would expect from taking psilocybin, making this product legal to sell.

Can these be shipped to my state?

Currently our Desert Stardust and Microdosed gummies are legal in all 50 States and US Territories.

Our Amanita Muscaria Blend gummies are available in 49 States, excluding Louisiana.

Will these show up on a drug test?

Mushrooms generally won't show up on a 5-panel test. The same applies to 8-, 10-, and 12-panel tests commonly used for standard drug screenings. However, it's important to note that specialized tests specifically designed to detect mushrooms do exist. These specialized tests are more costly to perform and are not typically included in routine drug screenings. They are typically reserved for situations where there is a strong suspicion that someone has recently consumed mushrooms or when there are specific reasons to test for these substances. Therefore, for most individuals undergoing standard drug tests, the presence of mushrooms in their system is not a major concern.

What if i'm on anti-depressants?

Serotonin-regulating medications such as SSRIs, antidepressants, or similar drugs can potentially inhibit or significantly reduce the effectiveness of these gummies. It's important to note that we are not medical professionals, so the information we provide is solely based on customer reports. The general issue arises from the fact that Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) are designed to regulate the release of serotonin in the body. When an external form of serotonin is introduced, these medications are intended to balance it, preventing shifts between manic (increased) and depressive (decreased) phases. This applies to all similar medications designed to stabilize mood, including MAOIs, SNRIs, and TCAs.

Does this product contain THC or CBD?

We do not and will never add any Hemp/Cannabis-related compounds to these products. We have noticed that many other manufacturers engage in this practice, which is an awful misrepresentation of what the product truly is. Additionally, the cost of HHC, THC, CBD, and similar compounds is significantly lower, so it's understandable why other brands might be tempted to use them as cost-cutting measures.

Real Reviews

First off, these are so yummy! This wasn’t my first time experimenting with magic mushrooms, so I know what to expect. I took two and it was the perfect amount! I must say I enjoyed these much more than other gummies or chocolates I’ve tried. They opened up my mind and gave me a fresh perspective to figure out some things going on in my life. Will definitely be purchasing again!

Corrin C. / Newport Beach

I ate two and didn't expect to go where I went. I was full visual hallucinations for a good 6-7 hours. I couldn't believe it. I was literally seeing peoples aura's, and the come down wasn't bad at all not nauseous or anything. It was wild! I will totally buy them again for future and my friends.

Erika / Rancho Santa Margarita

These gummies are strong AF! I took a whole 1 and cut the rest in half for my girlfriends. We took them in the afternoon and literally couldn't stop laughing, our faces were hurting the next day! Great experience, and fun memories made!

Jess / Irvine

dude!! These gummies are magnificent!! I usually have a high tolerance but I still started with one and it was definitely wayyy stronger than I expected! This things are fire! Glad I didn't take all 4 ha ha ha

Rob / Ladera Ranch

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