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Life can get busy at times &
Going with out relief should never be an issue.
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Common Questions

How do I get started ?

There are two ways to start your subscription:

Create an account by clicking "Account" at the top of any page on, then select "Create an Account." Enter your information then click Submit.

When selecting the flavor and or product size on any product page, select "Subscribe and Save" and choose the frequency before adding the product to your cart. When you check out, you'll need to create an account with a password to complete your subscription order.

When will my order be processed?

Once you have selected the product you’d like to subscribe to, select the frequency of your subscription – every 2 - 4 - 6 - 8 weeks. Your initial order will be processed within one business day of completing your order. Your orders will continue to be placed based on the selected frequency on the date you placed your initial order.

How do I update or change my payment method?

To update or change the credit card associated with your subscription, log into your Erth Wellness account and click the "My Credit Cards" tab in the customer account view. Add, remove or update your credit card information. After making changes to your credit card in the "My Credit Card" tab, you'll need to associate that card with your subscription. To do so, click the "My Product Subscriptions" tab and associate your credit card to your subscription.

Can I add or take products off subscription?

You can Add or delete products at anytime, just log into your account and edit your subscription. From there you will be able to Add products to your subscription or remove products.

When/how can I cancel my subscription?

You can Cancel/Pause/Skip your subscription at any time, there are ZERO obligations. Just log into your account, select edit to change your order dates, to pause your order, or just click "Cancel Subscription" .

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