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CBD for Separation Anxiety in Dogs


In the 2020s, we have seen dog separation anxiety at an all-time high. Even perfectly well-adjusted pups were suddenly struck by pangs of anxiety, thanks to a global pandemic.

When governments and communities shut down, many a four-legged friend suddenly found himself enjoying long days and nights with his owner, who had normally been out of the house for the majority of the day. Dogs everywhere were getting more walks, more ball tosses, more scratches behind the ears and more attention than ever before.

Once the world reopened and as more owners returned to work, their canine companions were left bewildered and confused. This is when separation anxiety sets in at its worst, and as you read on, these signs and behaviors may sound all too familiar. 

Learn more about the signs of dog separation anxiety below, as well as CBD as a potential treatment.

How Do I Know if My Dog Has Separation Anxiety?

Dog owners can be challenged and perplexed by behavioral issues in their pets, especially when they seem to spring up out of nowhere. Generally, we expect a certain amount of bad behavior from a puppy, and we try our best to employ training methods to break our pups from those habits. We also know that an injury or illness can cause your beloved dog to not feel herself. However, there are other times when our furry friends act out, and separation anxiety is often the root cause.

Separation anxiety in dogs can be sparked by longtime habits, a single event or a defining characteristic of their breed.

CBD for Separation Anxiety in Dogs

In many cases, the dog develops a habit of clinging to his owner or a specific family member early on, following wherever that person goes. We have all seen those loyal pups who follow their favorite human from room to room all day long—the dogs who never let a quick trip from the living room to the kitchen go unnoticed. 

Once these kinds of habits form, they are ultimately set in stone for the dogs. So anything that disrupts the habit of sticking close to a human can be traumatic for them, including a change of routine. When that human leaves for college, takes a new job or goes on an extended trip, separation anxiety can quickly set in for the dog.

Similarly, a one-time event can be traumatic enough for a dog to develop separation anxiety. Her first stay in a kennel, while her owner takes a short trip, can be enough to send a dog into a complete emotional upheaval. A move to a new home or the introduction of another pet in the household could do the same.

Rescue or shelter dogs tend to be prone to separation anxiety, which makes sense given the trauma they often face after abandonment. Certain breeds, such as Labs or Spaniels, are also known to show more signs of separation anxiety.

Common Signs of Separation Anxiety in Dogs

If any of the scenarios above have occurred in your pet’s life, she may exhibit these signs and behaviors:

  • Crying, whining, and barking more often than usual
  • Refusing to eat
  • Chewing on or destroying furniture, doors, walls, etc.
  • Using the bathroom in the house, even when trained
  • Panting and pacing in a restless state

This list is a general overview, and your dog may exhibit other symptoms as well.

Does CBD Work for Dog Separation Anxiety?

CBD has become increasingly popular as a human tool for managing anxiety, so it’s no surprise that dog owners began to wonder: can this help my dog, too? Spoiler alert: the answer is yes!

CBD (or cannabidiol) is a compound extracted from the cannabis (hemp) plant that has been known to provide a variety of therapeutic effects, thanks to the way it works with receptors in our own bodies. 

One of the most important things to note about CBD is that it does not have psychoactive effects like its counterpart, THC. CBD is not used on its own to provide a high; however, it is used in various supplements—including tinctures and gummies—to provide a sense of calm and relief for those plagued by anxiety. 

CBD for Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Hemp-derived products have become a huge part of the wellness product market, and that growth has demanded an increase in research to uncover all the ways CBD and other compounds can be used to treat a variety of conditions. Early evidence of effectiveness in treating pet anxiety gives us optimism that continued CBD studies will bolster confidence in the veterinarian community.

CBD drops for dogs can be used on their own or added to a favorite treat. Daily Pet Co. makes them incredibly appealing for your furry companions by adding tantalizing bacon flavoring, and we also focus on quality and safety in everything we produce. Our drops are third-party lab, lab-tested, contain natural ingredients and have no artificial additives. 

Customers report an increased sense of calm in their dogs after using the drops, making them a lifesaver for owners managing the symptoms of separation anxiety! They are also incredibly helpful in other scenarios, such as thunderstorms or car trips that may trigger anxiety in pets.

Other Ways You Can Help a Dog With Separation Anxiety

While our CBD drops are a great tool for dog owners, there are also a number of other practical tips to consider when helping dogs manage separation anxiety.

Walk Them Often

If your dog is facing longer periods alone than they are used to, try to ramp up your walking efforts before leaving home and as soon as you return. Dogs need plenty of fresh air and exercise, which boosts their moods just like it does for us humans! If you tire your dog out before leaving the house, they may have less energy for nervous chewing and clawing away at doors and furniture.

Create Distractions

Make sure your dog has toys to chew on (instead of your chair legs!), and consider leaving the TV or music on at a low, soothing volume.

Hire Help

If you are able, hire a dog walker/sitter when you will be gone for long periods of time. Contact with another human during the day may lessen their anxiety.

If you follow these practical tips along with using Daily Pet Co.’s trusted CBD oil, you should see an improvement in your precious pup’s separation anxiety.

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