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The Effects of THC and Mushrooms Together

The Effects of THC and Mushrooms Together


If you have never used THC or mushrooms, you may be inclined to think they yield similar effects. After all, both are considered mind-altering substances. They both contain compounds that cause significant reactions within our bodies. However, these two have some significant differences, and as it turns out, there are many different ways to alter the mind.

Read on below to learn more about the standalone effects of THC and mushrooms, as well as the experience of using them together.

How THC Works in Our Bodies

The Effects of THC and Mushrooms Together

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is a naturally occurring compound in the cannabis plant. There are hundreds of other compounds in this incredible plant, but THC is the best known and occurs in large enough quantities for commercial extraction. 

Delta-9 THC is the particular type of THC most commonly available in consumer products, though you will also see products containing delta-8 THC, delta-10 THC, and others. These compounds are not present in large quantities in the cannabis plant, but they can be created in labs through a conversion process.

Delta-9 THC can be extracted from both of the cannabis plants, hemp and marijuana. For years, the use of THC was most closely associated with smoking; there are now a number of forms of THC available, from gummies to vapes to oils.

THC effects vary from person to person, and a number of factors influence the way our bodies react. THC effects can range from mild to intense based on:

  • The amount of THC used
  • The strain of THC used
  • The frequency of use by the individual
  • The type of product used

THC can be described as having relaxing or sedative effects for some, while it can provide energy and creative focus for others. The effects of cannabis can be felt within minutes and usually last a few hours at most.

THC has long been used recreationally but has also seen increased use for medical reasons in recent decades. THC has been used for a wide variety of patients who experience chronic pain and is also often used as a therapeutic measure for cancer patients. 

How Mushrooms Work in Our Bodies

Mushrooms containing the psychedelic component psilocybin generally yield a higher degree of mind alteration than THC (though this depends on the dosage).

Magic mushrooms (which are not the kind you find in a salad bar) are dried and consumed in a variety of ways: in teas, chocolates, gummies, and capsules. Finding and foraging for magic mushrooms on your own is often ill-advised due to the risk of ingesting a poisonous mushroom. Thankfully, there are safer and easier ways to enjoy the magic of mushrooms with a simple click of an online order.

Magic mushroom

Mushrooms can alter our senses and perceptions of the world around us, which is often much more intense than the effects of THC. For example, a shroom experience might lead you to:

  • See distorted versions of both animate and inanimate objects around you
  • Have a vastly different perception of yourself than you would when not using mushrooms
  • Lose your normal sense of space and time
  • Experience a spiritual transformation 

In some cases, mushrooms could cause some negative reactions, including anxiety or a racing heart. This is why it is always best to start with small doses to see how your body reacts.

Can I Use THC and Mushrooms Together?

Cannabis and mushrooms

THC can intensify the effects of mushrooms, which could be a positive result for some and a negative result for others.

Experienced users might find it beneficial to use THC to relax before ingesting mushrooms. Some say it also helps to keep nausea at bay. On the other hand, using the two together might make for an experience too intense to be enjoyed.

If you are inexperienced with THC and mushrooms, it is better to try them separately to get a good read on how your body reacts before combining the two. Plus, mushrooms and THC are often geared toward different desired results. 

Some might use THC when they want to wind down in the evening but opt for mushrooms for a spiritual experience during a camping trip. Not every occasion demands a crossover between the two, and playing it safe by keeping them separate might be your best bet for maximizing the way you enjoy and experience both.

Are THC and Mushrooms Both Legal?

The 2018 Farm Bill was a major breakthrough in terms of the legality of THC in the United States. This bill ultimately specified that THC derived from hemp (rather than marijuana) was legal in concentrations of .03% dry weight or less. Now, hemp-derived THC products are widely available across the country.

Psychedelic mushrooms are not as far along in terms of legal measures, though some states (like Colorado and Oregon) have launched efforts to legalize them. Psilocybin is still a Schedule I substance under the Controlled Substances Act.

Fortunately, there are also ways to enjoy the benefits of magic mushrooms without psilocybin. Road Trip's gummies are made using the whimsical and psilocybin-free amanita mushroom, often associated with Alice in Wonderland or the Smurfs. 

These striking reddish or orange-ish capped shrooms with white dots (or warts) contain muscimol, which can create a memorable mind-altering experience in certain dosages. 

If you are new to mushrooms of any kind, follow our guidelines for dosing:

  • Microdoses: a half gummy, which helps achieve mood balance
  • Starting Doses: a full gummy for mood enhancement and focus
  • Low Doses: two gummies for a giddy “high”
  • Moderate Doses: three gummies for a euphoric state
  • High Doses: four gummies as a bridge to a spiritual experience

Road Trip offers an amazing experience for everything from a mood lift to a complete transformation, and we love bringing the magic of mushrooms to our happy customers.

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