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HHC Products Available At Erth Hemp


You’ve finally decided to take the plunge and try these new-fangled HHC products everyone has been talking about. Woohoo! But which brand should you choose? How do you know if they’re any good? And most importantly, how much will these products cost? Fear not, dear reader. We’ve compiled a list of all the HHC products we carry here at Erth Hemp, along with a price breakdown and expected effects to help take the stress out of such an important purchase. We’ll start with a brief overview of what HHC is and jump right into our exciting product lineup that will ultimately help you choose the perfect product for you. Let’s begin!

What Is HHC?

HHC is one of the newest cannabinoids on the market and is available in a delightful assortment of products, ranging from soft and chewy gummies to smooth and powerful vape cartridges. HHC exists naturally in the hemp plant but in very small quantities. In order to make the low amounts of HHC viable, it is necessary to use a process called hydrogenation.

This method of using hydrogenation to essentially “create” HHC has unfortunately garnered negative attention from health officials who do not approve of such transformation methods. Similar to how Delta-8 THC is procured, there is some distrust that such a cannabinoid is necessary or even safe. This is why it’s important to acquire HHC products from reputable brands who not only care about the quality, but also your safety.

Here at Erth Hemp, we firmly believe in producing premium products that are safe, affordable, and enjoyable. All of our products have been rigorously tested by independent third-party labs to confirm they contain what we say they do! If you are not satisfied with your HHC purchases, we offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. We believe that your happiness matters and are fully committed to ensuring you have the greatest HHC experience possible. And now, without further ado, it’s time to check out all of the HHC products that Erth Hemp has to offer!

HHC Gummies

Gummies are by far the most enjoyable way to enjoy any cannabinoid product, because who doesn’t love a soft and sugary treat bursting with candied fruit flavor? Our HHC gummies are available in a mouthwatering White Peach flavor and are all natural, vegetarian, and vegan. Each gummy contains 25mg of HHC per piece, with a serving size being a single gummy. We encourage new users to start with half a gummy to allow your body to comfortably adjust to the effects.

We understand that you might want to test the waters before taking the plunge of purchasing a full-size bottle, so we offer a two-piece sample size for just $4.99. These gummies are identical to the ones in our full-size bottle, which contains 20 pieces (for a total of 500mg) and is available for purchase for just $29.99. Our gummies are crafted with organic tapioca syrup, organic cane sugar, pectin, natural flavors, citric acid, sodium citrate, fruit and vegetable juice for color. We are currently awaiting the lab results of our gummies, as our current lab takes a bit longer for HHC testing, but we will upload the results as soon as they come in!

HHC Disposable Vapes

Vape cartridges, both screw-on and disposable, are one of the best ways to enjoy HHC products. Here at Erth Hemp, we offer disposable devices instead of screw-in cartridges that require expensive hardware to use. Our disposables offer a discreet way to enjoy HHC whenever you need it and can be recharged via a type-C charging port. Rechargeable vapes allow you to enjoy all of the oil within the chamber without worrying about permanently dead batteries. When the puff count is fully depleted, be sure to responsibly recycle the device before starting a fresh one. Our HHC disposables are available in two exciting flavors that are sure to delight your senses with every hit. Each disposable device cartridge is sold for a mere $29.99 and contains 2 grams of HHC with a 90-95% potency range. The device has a firing range of 1.2 ohms and utilizes a patented dual air flow design that you’re sure to love.

  • Our Melon Gum vape cartridge is an indica-dominant hybrid that features two unique strains: Bubblegum and Lavender. You can expect to experience a warm euphoria complimented with rich sedation that’s a perfect way to unwind after a long day. The terpene profile features delicate notes of lemony citrus, sunkissed strawberry, and refreshing melon. For those interested in viewing the lab results of our Melon Gum disposable, you can check out those results here.

  • The Golden Goat vape cartridge features a sativa-dominant hybrid that leaves you feeling creative and focused, an excellent option for daytime users. This beloved strain originated in Topeka, Kansas and is the result of a happy accidental pollination of Island Sweet Skunk strain with Hawaiian-Romulan strain. Golden Goat’s terpene profile delivers the warm flavors of tropical fruits with every puff. You can view the lab results for our Golden Goat disposable here.

Cautionary Advice

There are a few things to keep in mind when consuming HHC products, such as the time it takes to feel the effects, how long the effects will last, and certain activities to avoid. Gummies tend to have a much longer start time than inhalables, so you’ll want to allot enough time to enjoy the high when consuming our gummies. The effects of the HHC gummies usually kick in after about an hour and can last for as long as six hours! The high from HHC inhalables can kick in within about 5-10 minutes and the high typically lasts anywhere from 1-3 hours.

HHC products are considered legal under the 2018 Farm Bill, provided they are derived from federally legal hemp and contain a total THC content of 0.3% or less. Only persons 21+ should consume any HHC product. The psychoactive effects from HHC products can impair your cognitive functions and delay your reaction time; When under the influence of a psychoactive high, whether it be edibles or inhalables, you should not attempt to operate vehicles, machinery, or heavy equipment. You should also avoid consuming alcohol or medication in conjunction with HHC products, and it is strongly advised that you consult your primary care physician before trying any cannabinoid-infused product for the first time. Lastly, always confirm that the HHC product you’re consuming has lab-tested results that you can verify.


Here at Erth Hemp, we pride ourselves on carrying some of the finest HHC products in the industry. Our sweet and chewy HHC gummies promise to satisfy any sweet tooth and deliver a smooth high in just under an hour, while our terpene-rich HHC disposable vapes offer fast-acting effects that are perfect for impatient users. We’ll be covering a lot more of HHC-related topics in the near future, but feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have. The HHC cannabinoid is a fascinating one and we’re excited to help educate our community as best we can. If you do decide to try either of our gummies or disposable vapes (or both!), feel free to drop a comment below and share your experiences with the rest of us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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