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HHC vs Delta-8-THC: Hemp-Derived Cannabinoids - Erth Wellness

HHC vs Delta-8-THC: Hemp-Derived Cannabinoids


Other than Delta-9 THC, consumers now also have the option of Delta-8 THC and hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) cannabinoid. These hemp products can provide a more personalized experience.


HHC is a THC analog that has been hydrogenated to provide its THC-like effects and maintain shelf durability. Since it has a far longer shelf life than Dela-9 THC, you can keep it in your cupboards or fridge for a long time.

HHC is naturally occurring in the cannabis plant, but only in trace amounts. With the option of making it in a lab, usually through hydrogenation, companies in the hemp market sell it in large quantities, unlike other cannabinoids.


Delta-8 is another THC analog and has the same molecular structures as Delta-9 THC. The key difference between the two compounds is the double bond in the middle. The Delta-9 isomer has a double bond on the 9th carbon chain, whereas the Delta-8 isomer has this bond on the 8th.

There are no hemp plant strains with a very high Delta-8 THC content. Considering these cannabinoids are mostly produced as a THC byproduct, plant breeders haven't been able to find ways to cultivate cannabis with high concentrations.

Cannabis plants that spend more time in storage and are exposed to the elements have higher Delta-8 concentrations than fresh plants. Breeders have found in their cannabinoid research that they can develop cannabis flowers with a higher natural content of Delta-8 by purposely aging it by exposing it to air and UV radiation during manufacturing.

The Difference

HHC differs from THC chemically because it lacks double bonds in its chemical structures. The latter's double bonds in its chemical structure are broken and replaced with hydrogen atoms during the conversion which is known as hydrogenation. It produces a hydrogenated form of HHC, which is the polar opposite of CBN (cannabinol) and a THC byproduct with more bonds.

This difference affects the molecule's binding affinity with CB1 and CB2 receptors, also the reason that extends the shelf life of the compound. It does this by making it less prone to disintegration and more resistant to incorrect storage, heat, and UV light exposure.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that an HHC product has more similar effects to Delta-8 THC, but is closer to Delta-9 TCH in terms of intoxication. Despite allegedly making consumers feel the effect more than Delta-8, it is reported that HHC produces a wonderfully pleasant, clear-headed high.

Due to how it affects our auditory and visual perception, this cannabinoid is similar to Delta-9. Hallucinations and increased divergent thinking are reported by some individuals. HHC's effects are comparable to THC's higher doses of above 20mg, which can be euphoric and stimulating, while low doses have soothing effects and potential benefits similar to Delta-8.

Choose High-Quality Hemp Products from ERTH Wellness

To sum up the three cannabinoids' final product, Delta-8 is ideal for more day-to-day experiences of a clear-headed high. While Delta-9 is the perfect option to relax. However, it has more pronounced adverse effects. HHC products, on the other hand, are your go-to if you don't like the anxiety or drowsiness that Delta-9 induces, especially as a daytime option with a predominantly euphoric effect.

That being said, individual preferences are still the last deciding factor overall. To learn more about Delta-9, Delta-8, and HHC, our dedicated team of hemp experts is always ready to receive and answer your inquiries.

Contact us at 866-804-ERTH at ERTH Wellness today!

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