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How Do CBD Pre Rolls Work? - Erth Wellness

How Do CBD Pre Rolls Work?


CBD oil is the most well-known way to consume CBD, but people have begun to experiment with new and fascinating ways to consume CBD in recent years, including CBD pre-rolls. CBD pre-rolls are easy to use, effective, and inexpensive, but perfecting the pre-roll smoking technique for new users can take some time.

Even the most seasoned hemp connoisseurs should brush up on the latest CBD smoking techniques. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about CBD pre-rolls and how they work to answer any questions you might have about the effects and benefits of this widely popular CBD product.

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What’s in a CBD Pre-Roll?

CBD pre-rolls typically include one gram of hemp flower, but the hemp flower that goes inside is what determines the overall quality of any CBD pre-roll. There are several different grades to choose from. Make sure you know what each tier means and how it affects your smoke.

Here's a quick rundown of the different sorts of flower so you can pick the perfect CBD pre-roll for you:

Premium Flower

Premium flower is the highest quality hemp flower for CBD pre-rolls. The upper half of the hemp plant is normally used to harvest these buds. The majority of the stems, seeds, and outer leaves have been removed in this process.


Smalls are tiny hemp flower buds plucked from the top and bottom halves of the hemp plants. Smalls are frequently of excellent quality and are great for customers who wish to use their own hemp flower for pre-rolls, oils, cooking, or other CBD goods.


Trim hemp flower is the lowest grade available and is commonly a by-product of the higher grades' processing. Trim is ideal for cooking or manufacturing low-grade CBD oil, but it will not provide you with the best smoking experience.

How Does Smoking CBD Work?

Smoking CBD is unquestionably the oldest form of ingestion of any cannabinoid-related substance, as it has always been the customary way to consume CBD. People smoke CBD for a variety of reasons, including convenience and tradition, but it also offers numerous bioavailability benefits (the ability of a medicine to circulate throughout the body and have active effects).

Get Started with CBD Pre-Rolls with ERTH HEMP

CBD pre-rolls make it simple to experience hemp flower's rich, natural flavor while also benefiting from CBD. However, getting started can be a little challenging for individuals who aren't used to smoking CBD pre-rolls. We hope this article has provided you with adequate information to help you determine if CBD pre-rolls are right for you.

Not sure whether CBD pre-rolls fit with your lifestyle? ERTH HEMP is ready to help.

At ERTH HEMP, our primary goal is to make finding and using CBD goods and products as simple as possible for our customers. From CBD pre-rolls to CBD oil tinctures, CBD soft gels, and topical CBD oil treatments, we have all of the CBD products you could possibly need, and we remain committed to only using high-quality, THC-free components in everything we create.

If you're ready to embark on an exciting new journey with CBD pre-rolls, contact ERTH HEMP today to discover how we can help and learn more about all of our fantastic CBD goods and products.

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