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How Microdosing Mushrooms Can Help With Stress

How Microdosing Mushrooms Can Help With Stress


The health and wellness markets are overflowing with products designed to help us manage stress and anxiety, and for good reason: the demands of fast-paced lives in an increasingly busy world have taken a toll on our collective mental health.

Many of us find ourselves seeking remedies for everything from better sleep to improved focus in an effort to minimize stress. Perhaps you have never considered microdosing mushrooms for stress and only think of them as a recreational choice; however, you may be surprised by the many benefits they offer. 

Read on to learn more about the magic of microdosing mushrooms and how they could play a role in managing your own stress.

The Health Benefits of Mushrooms

Mushrooms pack an incredible health boost into a tiny package and have been prized for centuries for their healing benefits. While we think of magic mushrooms as psychedelic wonders that send us into new dimensions, even regular mushrooms offer a little magic when it comes to health. Both kinds can benefit our health in ways that reduce stress.

Cooking with mushrooms is a great way to enhance your health, thanks to the fact that they promote brain health, including beneficial vitamins and minerals, and may aid in preventing cancer.

Even with these remarkable benefits, mushrooms are still unpalatable to many people. Their distinct texture and flavor are too much for some, and fortunately, there are ways to benefit from mushrooms without having to eat them on your pizza or toss them in your salads.

The physical and mental health benefits of both regular as well as psychedelic mushrooms can now be accessed in a wide variety of products, from capsules to gummies to mushroom coffees and more. One of the most popular ways to use many mushroom products is microdosing.

What Is Microdosing?

As simple as it sounds, microdosing entails smaller than full doses of mushrooms, THC, or other substances. The point of microdosing is to enjoy the benefits without some of the unwanted side effects that come along with a full dose.

Magic mushrooms are now believed to be one of the more promising treatment options for a variety of mental health issues; however, a full dose is impractical for many people. A full dose and its intense effects could make it impossible to fulfill obligations to family, work, or school. 

That kind of trip is best left to periods where an individual is free from daily responsibilities, in an adult-only environment, and able to safely enjoy psychedelics without risk of harm.

The microdose is like a tiny shot of the goodness that comes from magic mushrooms without the intensity; a microdose can take the edge off without taking you over the edge.

How Microdosing Mushrooms Can Help With Stress

Everywhere we look these days there are new resources and tips on managing stress; employers are thinking about mental health more than ever before. We seek out stress relief on yoga mats, in lap pools, in therapist's offices, in backyard gardens, and everywhere in between.

Microdosing mushrooms for stress relief is quickly gaining traction and popularity as more and more people look to mushrooms as a way to unwind and relax instead of their usual glass of wine, prescription medication, or any number of alternatives.

Stress takes a huge toll on our bodies: what starts as a mental problem can quickly transform into a physical one. This is why it is especially important to manage stress with tools that will not contribute any additional damage to our health. 

When the glass of wine just to unwind becomes three glasses a night, we end up with a stress technique that damages our livers and other vital organs.

Microdosing mushrooms is considered by many to be a much safer alternative. Busy moms are microdosing to manage the stresses associated with multitasking while grad students might find microdosing to be an effective way to manage stress while prepping for exams. 

Typically, microdosers will take about 10% of what would be considered a full dose, and by doing so, they experience mood-improving benefits without the full-blown psychedelic experience.

Mushroom gummies in microdoses can help with stress management by improving cognitive function, elevating mood, and reducing depression and anxiety.

The simple mood boost users experience with microdosed mushrooms could be a game changer when it comes to stress. Feeling a little more joyful (and a little less rushed) or having a little more clarity (to tamp down the frantic multitasking) can result in reduced stress and, by extension, improved physical health.

Gummies for Microdosing: The Amanita Muscaria Difference

While psilocybin—the active ingredient in most magic mushrooms—is popular for microdosing, it also comes with an availability challenge: psilocybin is still illegal in most places.

Amanita Muscaria mushrooms do not contain psilocybin; their psychoactive effects come from muscimol, and these mushrooms are legal in most places (other than Louisiana). 

Amanita gummies offer the perfect and gentle uplift microdosers are seeking, and Road Trip Gummies are a great way to try microdosing if you are new to shrooms.

A Final Tip on Microdosing Mushrooms for Stress

If you are interested in microdosing mushrooms to manage stress, try using mushrooms only to start. Some people like to microdose with mushrooms and THC, but the combination of effects will vary among individuals. 

The best way to determine whether mushroom gummies help you manage stress is to give them a try on their own first. Once you see how your body reacts and figure out your ideal dosage, you could experiment with adding THC.

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