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How Much Is a Microdose of Shrooms? Dosage Guide

How Much Is a Microdose of Shrooms? Dosage Guide


Dosages can make all the difference when it comes to mushrooms. Some people may use them looking for a gentle mood uplift while others are seeking connections to a spiritual realm and a true out-of-body experience. 

Both of these shrooming methods can offer many benefits, but they are incredibly different: accidentally experiencing the wrong one can result in everything from disappointment to disaster. 

If your goal was to simply take the edge off with a microdose before a big meeting and you take a full dose of shrooms instead, that meeting might be a "whoops" for the record books. A full dose and a microdose generate markedly different reactions.

Rest assured, microdosing shrooms is easy as long as you buy quality mushroom gummies and pay close attention to the ingredients as well as the manufacturer's dosage guidelines. We have some more tips below to get you started.

How Much Is a Microdose of Shrooms?

The standard for a full-blown shroom trip is thought to be around 3 grams of dried magic mushrooms, and a microdose has been defined as one-tenth of that or .33 grams. 

Experienced shroomers have a good understanding of how their bodies react to the psychedelic effects of mushrooms and have a good starting point for understanding the difference between a fully-dosed trip and a microdose "boost." 

For inexperienced users, it may take a little more time to determine the best amount and dosing schedule, but you can use the one-tenth guideline as your starting point.

Also, be sure if you are new to microdosing that your gummy only contains mushrooms and is not mixed with THC (more on this below).

What Is a Microdosing Protocol?

Dr. James Fadiman, a pioneer in the mushroom microdosing movement, suggests a simple and effective microdosing protocol that works best for most people:

  • Day 1: Use first microdose
  • Day 2: No microdose, but you may have effects from the previous dose, and this is called the "transition day"
  • Day 3: No microdose
  • Day 4: Second microdose

In any microdosing protocol, there are sober days to allow your body to reset and to prevent a tolerance buildup to the dose.

What Effects Can I Expect From Microdosing?

The benefits experienced by those who microdose have been demonstrated in early studies and will likely continue to be studied as efforts grow to legalize psilocybin.

What we know so far is that microdosing can lead to

  • A greater sense of self-awareness and a deeper understanding of one's place in the world around them
  • Enhanced cognitive functioning and increased focus
  • More creative energy and sharpened problem-solving skills
  • Reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression with an overall improvement in mood

Microdosing mushrooms has changed the quality of life for many and acted as an effective tool for managing stress. 

Can I Microdose Shrooms and THC Together?

Microdosing is not just for mushrooms: many people swear by the benefits of microdosing THC, and it has grown in popularity as well. There has always been a fair amount of crossover between mushroom and THC use, with fans of the combo citing the complementary ways that mushrooms and THC work together.

When it comes to full-blown shroom trips, cannabis can sometimes help to keep nausea or other side effects away. It can also intensify the psychedelic effects of the mushrooms, which is desirable for some (but perhaps too much for others). 

The main takeaway here is about the experience: if you are new to mushrooms in general, you should try them first without THC to better understand how your body reacts before mixing the two.

In a microdosing protocol, you may not be able to determine how the mushrooms are helping you if you are also using THC, and if you experience any unwanted side effects, you will also have a hard time distinguishing the cause. 

Side effects from a microdose of shrooms are minimal but may include some nausea or headache. You could also experience some mood shifts or swings as you adjust to a microdosing protocol.

Amanita Muscaria and Microdosing

One of the greatest challenges for the microdosing movement is that psilocybin remains illegal in most places. Legislative efforts backed by science may change this in the future, making psilocybin available as a therapeutic tool for a variety of mental health issues, but for now, those seeking the benefits of mushrooms need an alternative.

Thankfully, gummies made using Amanita Muscaria mushrooms (that distinct red-capped shroom you may recall from Alice in Wonderland) do not contain psilocybin but do offer incredible mood-lifting benefits. 

Road Trip gummies are a great choice for those who want to try a microdosing protocol to enhance and uplift their moods and creative energy. 

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