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How To Choose The Right CBD Oil Strength - Erth Wellness

How To Choose The Right CBD Oil Strength


Cannabidiol, commonly shortened to CBD, has become an important part of the cannabis industry and is readily available in a variety of products. Yet there’s one product type that stands above the rest in terms of functionality, bioavailability, and simplicity: CBD oils. Yet there’s one major drawback when it comes to selecting a CBD oil that may have you scratching your head in confusion…which strength should you use? Most CBD products come in standard dosages for that product type, but oils vary from a mere 100mg and reach as high up as 4000mg! When it comes to finding the right one for you, it’s tempting to just grab a strength at random and hope for the best. But before you do that, you might find some assistance in the following paragraphs. In this article, we’ll touch on some of the common strengths, their uses, and ultimately, which one is right for you!

Strength…In Numbers!

CBD oil is a thick liquid that is usually packaged in a darkly tinted 30mL glass bottle. The label on the front of the bottle will display the total amount of CBD in the bottle, not the amount per serving. For example, our Broad Spectrum CBD drops come in 1500mg, but the recommended dosage is about 50mg (1 full dropper). The higher the number, the stronger the potency of that oil will be. You may want a stronger potency depending on what your intentions for using CBD are; for those just starting out on their cannabidiol journey, you may prefer a lower strength option. Let’s break down the differences in strengths now in a 30mL bottle.


Percentage (extract)













If your bottle size is larger, you can use the following formula: (Amount of CBD per MG) ÷ (Bottle Size In mL) = Strength per MG/ML. The total amount of CBD is equally distributed throughout the entire bottle, meaning each full dropperful will contain the same amount. Try starting out with a 1-3mg dosage and take note of how you feel. If you feel little to no difference, you can increase the dose in low increments until you reach the desired results. Don’t be fooled by larger bottles sizes, but pay attention to the total amount in each dosage size. A 500mg bottle in a 60mL bottle will be just as strong of CBD as a 1000mg in a 30mL bottle.

Understanding Potency Levels & Their Uses

CBD oils come in many strengths that tailor to a variety of uses. The individual will be responsible for deciding how strong of a CBD oil to consume. If you’re not sure how strong of a CBD oil to use, don’t worry. CBD affects each user differently, meaning your friend may only need a low dosage but you need a slightly stronger dosage. The endocannabinoid system helps distribute the consumed cannabidiol as needed, meaning if your body needs a greater amount to restore balance, you’ll need a stronger dosage to meet those needs. Let’s discuss some potential reasons where CBD can improve your overall quality of life.

Lower Potency (10%/5-10mg Per Dose)

As shown on the chart, a low strength dose of CBD is about 10% of the entire bottle. For example, a 300mg CBD oil in a 30mL bottle will deliver 10% dose. This is recommended for all first-time consumers and those struggling with mild mental/physical ailments. Moderate stress, occasional insomnia, sporadic headaches, mild uneasiness, and muscle/joint discomfort are all suitable for low strength CBD options. If you’re not sure how CBD may affect you or would like to see if you experience any sensitivity to the cannabinoid, 5mg of CBD is an excellent way to improve your immune health, homeostasis, and boost your nervous and endocrine systems.

Medium Potency (15-30%/15-30mg Per Dose)

If you find that lower potency CBD oils simply aren’t cutting it, consider looking into medium strength options. This option is ideal for those struggling with mild/moderate physical discomfort or uneasiness, frequent insomnia, recurring headaches, a plethora of digestive issues, and chronic inflammation. Low doses of CBD are great for beginners, but some beginners may find they need recurring doses throughout the day. Medium strength CBD oils can help reduce the frequency that CBD is consumed to achieve similar or better results. A good example of medium strength dosages would be a 450mg-900mg CBD oil in a 30mL bottle, equating to about 15%-30% dose.

High Potency (30-60%/30-60mg Per Dose)

CBD oils that come in high strengths should be regarded with caution. High potency cannabidiol is therapeutic grade and is primarily used in the treatment of specific medical conditions. An example of high potency CBD would be 1000mg-1800mg cannabidiol in a 30mL bottle. Those who suffer from moderate to severe physical discomfort and mental anguish, various cancers, epilepsy, intense and frequent migraines, chronic inflammation, unyielding insomnia, and multiple sclerosis may benefit from high doses of CBD. If you feel that medium potency CBD isn’t helping, you may to see if high potency CBD is the right choice for you.

Ultra-High Potency CBD (>60%)

We have come now to the last (and highest) strength level of CBD available. In the beginning of this article, we mentioned mind-boggling strengths that can range from 2000mg - 4000mg. These potent strengths have a consistency that is thick and sticky, requiring them to be housed in syringe-like applicators rather than darkly tinted glass bottles. Ultra-potent CBD is labeled as a concentration rather than an actual liquid and is very difficult to find both online and in-store. The manufacturer of this specific CBD type will extract the oil and remove other elements by way of concentration, resulting in extremely high levels of CBD. These ultra high levels of cannabidiol carry a risk of consumers experiencing pharmaceutical-like effects. Ultra-high potency CBD oil is reserved for those suffering serious medical issues and should never be consumed by inexperienced or first-time users.

Final Thoughts

Hemp-derived cannabidiol products have exploded in popularity and CBD oil is one of them. The precise measurements, ease of use, and high bioavailability are all pros to incorporating the cannabinoid into your life. Many people prefer to use CBD oils as opposed to other edibles and inhalables, but the learning curve comes with figuring out how much to consume. While CBD products don’t get you high, you may notice a plethora of benefits that include mood improvement, greater energy and creativity levels, restoration of balance in your everyday life, stress reduction, sleep improvement, and much more. While CBD is by no means a magic fixer of all your life’s problems, it can make a noticeable difference in your daily activities.

Here at ERTH Wellness, we carry a premium selection of CBD products. In addition to high quality CBD oils, we also offer a variety of gummies, CBD vape juice, softgels, topicals, and much more. All of our products have been thoroughly tested by third-party independent labs to ensure purity and potency. The results of these tests are available on the product packaging via a QR code and also on our website embedded in the product descriptions. Should you have any questions or concerns about anything in this article, feel free to reach out to us! We look forward to imparting our knowledge about all things hemp-related to you. In our next article, we’ll be discussing the best way to dose CBD by product type. We look forward to seeing you there!

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