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How To Know The Amount of CBD In Each Product Type


Figuring out the amount of CBD in various cannabidiol products is a problem that continues to stump many new or inexperienced consumers. Do you look at the large number on the front of the package? How much CBD is in inhalables like vape juice or cartridges? Can I measure out precise dosages for every type of CBD product out there? There are many ways to consume cannabidiol, but some product types have a higher bioavailability depending on whether or not it’s an edible, an inhalable, or a sublingual. The key is to understand how much CBD is in the product, for both the consumed amount and the amount your body can actually use. In this article, we’ll be discussing how to know the amount of CBD in each product type as well as ways to help you understand how much your endocannabinoid system can absorb and use. But first, let’s talk about bioavailability and what it means for certain products in the hemp-infused product marketplace.

Bioavailability: What Does That Even Mean?

You may have seen the term “bioavailability” and conjured up a definition for it but not really understand what it means, much less its importance. The NCI defines bioavailability as the “ability of a drug or other substance to be absorbed and used by the body.” In regards to cannabis , it’s absorption rate at which the body is able to process and utilize the cannabinoid used in that particular hemp-infused product.

Certain products have lower bioavailability due to how they’re consumed. For example, edibles like gummies and softgels have low bioavailability because they must pass through the digestive system before the cannabinoid can be absorbed into the bloodstream. Much of the cannabinoid is lost, meaning that even if you consume high strength or large amounts of edibles, your body will not be able to use a large portion of it. Inhalables, on the other hand, bypass the digestion system completely and are absorbed directly into your bloodstream via the lungs.

While this does give inhalables the highest bioavailability, some users are unwilling to smoke or vape products to achieve the maximum amount of the cannabinoid into their system. Tinctures and other sublingual products enter your bloodstream via the mucous membrane (under your tongue) and the rest through your digestive system (the remaining amount that you swallow), giving them a medium level of bioavailability. Let’s take a closer look at some of the products that boast greater bioavailability and discuss how to properly measure out the milligrams per dose.

Gummies Dosages and How To Measure Them

Gummies have enjoyed being the preferred way to consume hemp-derived cannabinoids, but they pose a serious drawback: they must be processed by your digestive system. By the time your stomach, small intestine, and liver have finished digesting the chewed gummy, there’s not much CBD remaining for your body to use. Some consumers have tried sucking on gummies to mimic the sublingual method that tinctures require, but there’s only so long you can keep a gummy on your tongue before you are overwhelmed with the urge to chew and swallow. Gummies rank very low in terms of bioavailability. If you’re just starting on your CBD adventure, gummies are a great way to test the waters. Yet if you’re looking for more noticeable results to combat serious mental or physical health issues, you may want to consider switching to a different product type that doesn’t require digestion.

Gummies are very simple to figure out how much CBD is in a single piece; the manufacturer may even list this information on the product packaging! For example, our Full Spectrum Gummies come in a 750mg jar that contains 30 pieces. This means that each piece contains 25mg of CBD. Taking one CBD gummy a day should last you for about a month, but if you need more than that, your supply will dwindle considerably faster.

Tincture Dosages and How To Measure Them

Tinctures are popular in the CBD market due to how precisely the user can measure out dosages. Simply squeeze the dropper’s rubber tip and you can suck up as much liquid as you want. This process is even more precise if the dropper has markings to note exactly how much liquid you’ve sucked up. Once the dropper is filled, simply release the contents under your tongue, hold for about a minute or two, then swallow any remaining liquid. Tincture is easily absorbed into your mucous membrane, making its bioavailability rating very high.

The amount of liquid held in the dropper varies, but typically can hold about 1mL (40 drops) of tincture at most. You can figure out precisely how much CBD is in the full dropper by using a simple equation: Total CBD content in the bottle ÷ amount of milliliters (mL) in the bottle = milligrams (mg) of CBD in 1mL dropper. For example, our 30mL bottle of tincture contains a total of 1500mg of CBD would mean that there is 50mg of CBD in a full 1mL dropper. If you’re looking to consume 25mg of CBD per day, you’d need about half a dropper to meet that dosage.

CBD Inhalable Dosages and How To Measure Them

Trying to precisely measure how much CBD is in a single puff is ultimately impossible for several reasons: the length of the draw and the amount of vapor/smoke that can be inhaled by one person can vary depending on lung size and previous experience with vaping or smoking. Obviously a seasoned vaper will have a much easier time taking a long drag versus someone who’s never vaped a day in their life. While we can’t precisely measure the amount consumed, we can figure out how much of a cannabinoid a certain product contains. The standard dose for inhalables is 1-3 puffs and may cause minor coughing fits depending on your experience level.

CBD vape juices will typically come in 30mL or 100mL bottles with the total CBD content stamped directly on the product packaging. The amount you can fit into your tank may vary based on the tank size: 5mL is fairly common, but you’ll need to check your tank specifications to be certain. Once again, we’ll use a simple division formula to estimate how much is in your tank. Our 30mL bottle of CBD vape juice contains 500mg of CBD per bottle, which means that a single mL contains about 17mg. If your tank can hold 5mL, you’ll have about 85mg of CBD in your vape tank.

CBD Capsule/Softgel Dosages and How To Measure Them

Softgels and capsules are the no-nonsense go-to product for those looking for a quick and easy way to incorporate CBD into their life. You can add them into your morning vitamin routine, take them throughout the day (as needed), or consume before you go to sleep. Since there’s no measuring required, it is extremely simple to see how much you’re consuming at any given time.

CBD capsules and softgels will come in a small pouch or a sealed container with the total cannabidiol content stamped on the package. To figure out how much CBD is in each softgel, simply divide the entire container’s CBD content by the number of softgels in the container. Our 1500mg jar with 30 capsules means that each softgel contains 50mg of CBD.

Final Thoughts

Knowing the true amount of CBD in each product type is crucial to helping you calculate how much CBD you are consuming in a single session. Furthermore, understanding how much of that cannabinoid your body can actually use may make you reconsider your current product type. Gummies are a fantastic treat for those with a sweet tooth, but the low bioavailability means they’re realistically only a step above the regular supermarket sweets. Softgels offer a more concentrated form of CBD that can withstand the digestive system to a point; whatever makes it past the digestive system is available for your body to use. Inhalables have the best bioavailability due to entering your bloodstream directly via the lungs, thus bypassing the digestive system completely.

Yet not everyone is comfortable smoking or vaping, especially if there is no prior experience with inhalable products. Tinctures are a great way to dose precisely, but may cause some confusion with exactly how much should be consumed in a single dropper. In short, you’ll need to go through trial and error to find which product type you prefer and works best for you. Remember that there’s no perfect product type, nor is there an exact amount that works the same for everyone. In our next article, we’ll be discussing some tips and tricks to help you calculate your dosage based on a variety of factors, as well as other things that may shed some light on the mystery of CBD doses. Until then, feel free to browse all of our product types and various cannabinoids. We’re confident there’s something for everyone within our product pages and we’re excited to be a part of your CBD journey. If you feel like you need some extra information about anything in this article or on our site, feel free to reach out to us! Our team of dedicated cannabis experts looks forward to speaking with you as you learn more about the wonders of the hemp plant. Until we meet again!

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