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Is HHC Safe? How to Make Sure Your HHC Products Are High Quality - Erth Wellness

Is HHC Safe? How to Make Sure Your HHC Products Are High Quality


One of the most innovative cannabinoids on the market is one you may have already heard of: HHC. HHC is one of many psychoactive cannabinoids that can whisk you away into a heady euphoric high in a matter of minutes. HHC is available in a sprawling variety of products, including vapes, gummies, capsules, and more. But is HHC safe? Are certain HHC products safer than others? How do you know if you’re consuming a premium HHC product? All these questions and more will be answered in the following paragraphs. If you’re new to the world of HHC or would like better clarification on just what this cannabinoid is, keep reading to learn more about this fascinating cannabinoid?

What Is HHC?

In order to fully appreciate what HHC is, you should understand how this newly popularized cannabinoid is made. I use the phrase “newly popularized” because HHC has been around since the 1940s and was initially created as a safer alternative to marijuana. HHC exists naturally in the hemp plant, but in very small quantities. In order to acquire usable amounts of HHC, scientists start off with THC-isolate and insert hydrogen molecules between the double bonds of the THC. This process is known as hydrogenation, which is also the process used to convert butter into margarine.

Just like how margarine is cheaper and lasts longer than regular butter, the same is true of HHC. HHC products are available in many forms, including tinctures, edibles (gummies and capsules), vape cartridges, and more. The shelf life of these products is much longer due to the HHC not breaking down as quickly as THC does when exposed to air. HHC is more stable and therefore has a longer expiration period, making it extremely attractive for the occasional user.

Is HHC Safe?

There is still a great deal of research that is needed for cannabinoids throughout the industry, so it’s difficult to pinpoint what is safe and what is not. However, as long as the HHC in question has been derived from federally legal hemp in appropriate conditions, yes, HHC is considered safe. If you’re considering consuming an HHC product for the first time, be sure to check with your primary caregiver before embarking on your HHC journey.

When consuming HHC products for the first time, always start with a low dosage. Many companies will provide an estimated dosage based on the product: ½ gummy, a single capsule, 1-3 puffs from an inhalable, a full mL of tincture, and so forth. If you’re consuming an HHC product for the first time, you should stick to this recommended dosage or lower until you can gauge how your body reacts. Once you’re comfortable with the effects, you can tailor your dosage to meet your specific needs.

Are Certain HHC Products Safer Than Others?

Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, there are many hemp-derived cannabinoids that have skyrocketed in popularity. Notice the key words “hemp-derived” cannabinoids. Both the cannabis and hemp plant contain a plethora of cannabinoids, but only those cannabinoids derived from hemp are federally legal. Since HHC is found naturally in the hemp plant, it is not considered a synthetic cannabinoid (unlike the THC-O cannabinoid).

In terms of some products being safer than others, it often depends on the brand. Be wary of brands that seem “too good to be true” in terms of pricing, quantity, or advertised intensity of the high. These brands may operate with shady practices like using cannabis-derived HHC (which negates the legality of said cannabinoid), utilize inferior manufacturing methods, use low-grade materials, or may even incorporate solvents and chemicals in their products. Since there is currently no FDA involvement with HHC, there are many unscrupulous brands that are only looking to turn a profit and won’t think twice about your health.

How Can I Be Sure I’m Getting Premium HHC Products?

In spite of the scammers and snake-oil salesmen in the industry, there are many brands that truly care about quality and delivering a premium product to their customers. These brands, including Erth Hemp and Two Hawk Hemp, subject their products to rigorous testing by independent third-party labs. Since HHC is such a new cannabinoid, many labs are just now starting to offer testing for HHC-infused products.These tests are both expensive and time-consuming but are necessary to instill consumer trust and confidence. The labs that conduct these tests are only compensated for their time, not for any bias or swaying of the results. These lab tests commonly test for residual solvents, bacteria, heavy metals, total THC content (which should always be 0.3% or less), total cannabinoids found, and other useful information.

Yet the presence of these tests does not always ensure a premium product. There are several companies who will pirate actual test results from a verified brand. These pirated results are then doctored to make them look legitimate for an entirely different brand. In order to combat this, you as the consumer can easily contact the lab listed on the tests to verify the results. You’ll need to give them the batch number of the product in question (also listed on the test results) in order to confirm that the results are indeed accurate. If there’s ever any doubt about the purity and potency of the product you’re considering for purchase, always reach out to the lab directly.

What Should I Expect On An HHC High?

The effects of an HHC high are similar to Delta-9 THC, but offer a smoother and more consistent high. Since the molecules of HHC are more stable, their bond to your body’s ECS will be more consistent and therefore more enjoyable. You can expect to feel a heady high coupled with euphoria, drowsiness, relaxation, heightened sensitivity to touch and taste, and even more amusement! You might experience a “giggly” sensation, in which ordinary instances may seem incredibly funny. The exact effects of your high depend on several factors, including but not limited to age, metabolism, gender, weight, previous exposure to psychoactive cannabinoids, and others.

Can An HHC High Ever Feel Unsafe?

We mentioned earlier how it’s important to start off with a small dose and work your way up from there. As with any psychoactive cannabinoid, consuming too large of a dose can result in exacerbated uneasiness, discomfort, extreme drowsiness, and other unpleasant side effects. While HHC is technically “safe” to consume, you should never overdo your dosages based on impatience, false bravado, or peer pressure. Make sure that you are comfortable with the HHC product you are consuming as well as the location you consume it in. If you’re feeling relaxed at home or with a trusted group of friends, your HHC high will leave you feeling comfortable and deliciously high for several hours. The important thing to remember is to enjoy yourself, don’t panic about feeling too high, and remember that the effects are only temporary.


By now, you should have a much better understanding of what HHC is and how it affects both your mind and body. It’s crucial that you acquire your HHC products from safe and trusted sources, specifically companies who offer information about their hemp and third-party lab results. Since HHC is a newer cannabinoid, many labs are just now starting to offer testing relevant to the HHC compound. If at any point you feel uncertain about the validity of these results, you can always reach out to the lab directly to confirm that the lab results are accurate. Always consume HHC when you feel safe, particularly in a trusted environment (at home or with friends).

You should always consult your primary care physician before consuming any HHC product and always adhere to the recommended dosage until you’ve had a chance to see how your body reacts to it. HHC is a fascinating cannabinoid that can offer soothing relaxation after a long day or the motivation you need during the day. If you’re curious where to buy HHC products, check out our delicious variety of HHC gummies and HHC vapes. Here at Erth Hemp, we’re dedicated to providing premium and potent products to those who need it. Feel free to reach out with any questions you have about HHC; we would be honored to help you understand more about this fascinating cannabinoid and all it has to offer!

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