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Our Top CBD Products For Sleep - Erth Wellness

Our Top CBD Products For Sleep


Why did the man keep running around his bed? To catch up on his sleep! As corny as this pun is, getting a refreshing night of sleep is often wishful thinking. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that adults get between 7-9 hours of sleep. Unfortunately, getting that amount of sleep can feel like an impossible goal. Today’s adults are constantly dealing with copious amounts of stress, are plagued with mental health issues, and are bombarded with a seemingly endless list of daily tasks. If you find yourself nodding in agreement and thinking, “That’s me!”, you may be interested to know that certain cannabinoids are quite effective in helping you catch some much-need rest. Keep reading to find out which ones, how they work naturally with your body, and products that incorporate them.

Cannabinoids? What Are Those?

The cannabis plant contains over one hundred compounds that are called “cannabinoids.” These cannabinoids can be either psychoactive (Delta-8 THC, HHC, Delta-9 THC, THC-O, and others) or non-psychoactive (CBD, CBG, CBN, and more). You may already be familiar with some of these, but as long as these cannabinoids are derived from federally legal hemp, they are considered legal according to the 2018 Agricultural Act. Each cannabinoid has a variety of uses, which we explain in great detail throughout several articles. However, in this article, we’ll be exploring two cannabinoids that are especially useful for getting a good night’s sleep.

Which Cannabinoids Are Useful For Sleep?

Certain studies have shown the efficacy of using cannabinoids for sleep, specifically both CBD, THC, and CBN. Let’s take a closer look at how these cannabinoids work in relation to helping you unwind to the point where you can finally fall asleep.

  • Cannabidiol (CBD) in particular has shown promise in relation to REM sleep issues as well as those who struggle greatly with feeling sleepiness during the day, which in turn can lead to issues falling asleep at night. CBD has also shown effectiveness in those who struggle with insomnia as it can help calm those with uneasiness and restless brain activity both prior to and during sleep.
  • THC has a distinctive side effect of making the user drowsy and couch-locked, which in turn can make falling asleep much easier. Yet THC comes with a heady high, which some users report feeling more energetic and aware of their surroundings and thus are unable to fall asleep despite feeling an unwillingness to move around.

  • Lastly, CBN is touted as being more effective than CBD in terms of feeling more relaxed. CBN is not psychoactive, meaning you won’t get high after consuming it, but it carries a significant feeling of drowsiness. Some manufacturers recommend taking a single dose, waiting anywhere from 30-180 minutes, and then consuming a second dose if no changes are detected. We’ll be doing a more in-depth article on this affectionately-named “sleep cannabinoid” but just know that CBN is showing great promise in the cannabis industry and is becoming more readily available in products throughout the industry.

What Kind of Products Should I Buy?

Here at ERTH Wellness, our collection of CBD & CBN products are sure to not only delight your taste buds, but also encourage a restful night of sleep. Let’s go over our impressive lineup of sleep aid products to help alleviate the stress of snagging those coveted zzz’s.

CBN Gummies For Sleep (Vegan) - Sleepy Blackberry - 600mg

Kick back and relax with these soft and chewy vegan gummies that are ideal for relaxing and drifting into a peaceful slumber. In addition to containing 20mg of CBN per gummy, we’ve added a little something extra: a 1.5mg microdose of melatonin. Grab a full 30-count of these delicious gummies for $39.99 or start off slow with our sample size pouch for a mere $4.99.

Water Soluble CBD + CBN Sleep Aid Drops

If you prefer to consume specific doses and tailor your doses to your needs, look no further than this fast-acting tincture! Tinctures are designed to be consumed sublingually, that is, under the tongue. Simply suck up the desired amount of tincture into the graduated dropper, carefully, release under your tongue, and hold for at least 30 seconds. Swallow the remaining liquid and wait for the relaxation to sink in! The suggested serving size of 1mL carries 25mg CBD, 8.33mg CBN per serving, and 3mg of melatonin. We carry a full size 30mL bottle for $39.99 or a sample size 3.7mL bottle for just $7.99.

Full Spectrum Sleep Softgels With Nootropic +Terpenes

Many CBD consumers don’t care for flavored gummies or the naturally sharp piney taste of tinctures. That’s why we created a pill that’s easy to swallow (literally)! This flavorless and odorless softgel contains 25mg of CBD and 5mg of CBN, available in a 30-count bottle for $49.99 or a 3-count sample size for $8.99.

Like Our Products? Subscribe For Repeat Delivery!

We’re all familiar with the social media catchphrase of “like and subscribe” that encourages viewers to keep up-to-date with recent posts. Our subscription service takes that same concept of “never missing out” to the next level. You may love our products immensely and look forward to using them each night. Yet your hectic schedule prevents you from realizing when you’re running low, or worse, running out completely! Let us make sure your busy day has one less thing to worry about by subscribing to our repeat delivery option. As a thank you, we’ll knock 35% off your purchase price! That means your $49.99 order of softgels just became $32.49! It pays to save with our premium products, and your wallet will be much more agreeable knowing you’ve saved money and finally found a product that works.

Are These Products Safe?

We’re serious about safety, and we go the extra mile to prove it! All our products are tested thoroughly for both purity and potency, as well as for the absence of harmful impurities like heavy metals, solvents, toxins, and more. These tests are time-consuming and expensive, but we strongly feel that your safety is worth the extra time and money. The results of these tests are prominently displayed on our product description pages as well as stamped directly onto the product packaging. We currently carry several products that are specifically tailored to help you relax and fall asleep, but feel free to check out our entire collection of cannabinoid infused products, both here at ERTH Wellness and also on our sister site TwoHawk Extracts.


Finding time to catch a cat nap is tough, but sometimes falling asleep may prove to be just as challenging. Many users struggle to unwind at the end of a long day and are constantly stressing about future projects, upcoming deadlines, an overwhelming amount of pressure to succeed, and so much more.

The Technology Age is constantly filled with information that bombards us on all sides, making it difficult to let your mind finally relax. Thankfully, technology has also brought on the scientific advancement that allows us to use the hemp plant in a homeopathic way. Hemp-derived CBD, CBN, THC, and melatonin play a crucial role in helping your mind unwind and relax to the point where you can finally stop chasing sleep and sink into a blissful slumber.

CBD has proven to be extremely useful by helping you sleep and relax, promotes wakefulness, lessens body and muscle discomfort, and so much more. We here at ERTH Wellness are dedicated to helping you find the ideal cannabinoid that helps you in ways you never thought possible. In our next article, we’ll be detailing a complete list of all the gummies we offer on our site, as well as potential uses for these delightful treats. Whether you want a slight buzz or no THC whatsoever, we’re confident that we can find a product that meets your needs. Be sure to check back soon for this topic and more on the incredible properties found within the hemp plant. We look forward to seeing you again soon!

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