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Water Soluble CBD vs. Oil-Based CBD Products - Erth Wellness

Water Soluble CBD vs. Oil-Based CBD Products


First discovered and isolated in the 1940s, cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of more than a hundred active substances found in all three varieties of the Cannabis plant.

Each consumer is different, and their tolerance of CBD is equally diverse. Over the years, scientists have formulated new and increasingly more efficient methods of delivering the plant's active ingredients into the bloodstream. Recent developments allow for higher retention of the vital ingredients and more versatility when consuming CBD.


Understanding Bioavailability

When the body seeks to metabolize a plant extract, much of it becomes lost during the digestive process. CBD oil particles are 15 times the size of a particle that can be used by your body. By the time the compound has been broken down into a format that can enter your circulatory system or bloodstream, a loss of up to 75% of the compound is possible.

In the case of CBD, the oil in its natural form enters the stomach, where it must be broken down by digestive enzymes into smaller parts and passed through the liver before it becomes small enough to dissipate into the bloodstream. To capitalize on the effects of CBD, clever workarounds have been developed that help to optimize absorption and avoid the loss that occurs as CBD is broken down during digestion.

If you swallow CBD oil while in its natural state, the absorption rate, or bioavailability, of the substance remains low due to loss. By placing CBD in a vaping pen, under the tongue or rubbing it directly into the skin, the active elements in CBD aren't constrained by the digestive process. They can enter into the bloodstream with as little loss of the vital components as possible. Not everyone favors these methods of delivery, however.

Capsules, drinks and other delivery methods of CBD oil that require digestion are all subject to this same loss of bioavailability. There are plenty of products on the market that contain CBD, but the benefits derived from them are muted by the inherent lack of bioavailability when they're ingested. For the body to fully utilize the effects of CBD, scientists formulated new substances and methods that more directly target entry into the bloodstream.


Harnessing the Power of Water Solubility

With more than half of the human body composed of water, CBD that easily dissolves in water allows for immediate consumption of the most vital substances. Rather than entering the stomach as a dense oil, the CBD gets mixed and emulsified with other elements, which help to portion it into smaller units while keeping it stable in its new form. These smaller units can easily pass into the bloodstream while maintaining their original effectiveness. Like CBD oil, the water-soluble form offers all of the therapeutic benefits without the high associated with THC substance found in Cannabis.


Weighing the Merits of Each Variety

Which variety is the best choice for you? It's a good idea to consider your personal needs and preferences, weighing them against each variety's pros and cons.

Water-Soluble CBD

Here’s a deeper look at some of the pros and cons of water-soluble CBD.


  • Results are experienced very quickly, usually in a few minutes
  • Can be incorporated into a beverage for easy consumption
  • One of the most efficient ways to experience the full effects
  • Can quickly enter the bloodstream, making a smaller dose just as effective as a much larger oil-based dose, perhaps even three to five times as much.
  • Uses water as carrier.


  • The effects are relatively short-lived, lasting around two to three hours

Oil-Based Tincture

Just like water-based CBD, oil tinctures offer a variety of pros and cons.

  • Takes 20 minutes or so to experience effects
  • While a small amount can enter your bloodstream quickly after being placed under your tongue, the majority of the dose will not enter the bloodstream until it has been digested
  • The effects can last anywhere from three to four hours plus


  • As the dose you take must first be processed through your digestive system, the right amount of the substance is lost as the body metabolizes it. For example, a 25mg dose may result in a loss of 65-75% of the total during the digestive process.
  • Uses oil as a carrier which naturally separates from water.

The Best Method for You

The shorter delivery time offered by water-soluble CBD may be the best choice for the relief of symptoms if you are using CBD for relief or stress management. CBD oil doubles the effective time of its water-soluble counterpart if you need a longer interval between doses. You might even choose to mix and match your options, taking an oil-based dose that offers more extended relief in the evening to ensure a full night's sleep and opting for the quick delivery and maximum effectiveness of the water-soluble powder in the daytime hours.

Which choice works better for you will also depend upon your unique chemistry, metabolism and tolerance for CBD. You can experiment with the water-soluble version to see which delivery method is best for you and if it helps to maximize the benefits of CBD when compared to using a tincture or topical cream.

We offer 3 Water Soluble tinctures that can be taken directly or added to your favorite beverage.

500mg - Unflavored

500mg - White Peach

500mg - Vanilla Bean

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