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Ways to Use Hemp Flower at Home - Erth Wellness

Ways to Use Hemp Flower at Home


With the quick rise in hemp flower popularity, it comes as no surprise to learn that there are several different ways to enjoy hemp flower buds at home. While many are aware that cooking, vaping, and smoking hemp flower are common ways to use cannabinoids or CBD flower buds, you may be interested to know that there are several additional ways hemp flowers can be used at home. Best of all, hemp flowers are

If you're having trouble figuring out different ways to consume your CBD bud and hemp buds at home, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll explore the different ways that you can enjoy your CBD hemp flower beyond smoking, vaping, or cooking. Continue reading below to learn more.

Benefits of Hemp Flower

The 2018 farm bill defines hemp as part of the Cannabis sativa L. plant as well as any part of it that does not contain more than 0.3% THC. This is not the same as the high THC levels you see in marijuana, where some strains like Hawaiian Haze can contain up to 20% THC.

The low THC content in flower CBD hemp also means you won't get high while enjoying your home CBD, and because it's legal to consume CBD you're sure to find quality cannabis suppliers easily.

The bill also designated hemp plants as completely legal, which is good news for people who might benefit from the soothing effects of cannabis and want to use CBD hemp as part of their wellness routine.

While the hemp buds and cannabinoids trend may be relatively new, the research behind why they are extremely beneficial is not. With the number of benefits that hemp flowers provide, there are several reasons why people decide to use them at home. Here are a few of the many great benefits that hemp buds have to offer:

  • A wider selection of flower strains
  • Has immediate effect
  • A great alternative to nicotine
  • No psychoactive effect

These pointers mentioned above are intended to diagnose/treat people who suffer from chronic tenderness and constant discomfort, and it's safe to say that this can't always be said for marijuana. The good thing about CBD buds is that their low THC requirement means you don't have to worry too much about the kind of strain that you're getting, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of CBD much sooner.

Common Ways to Use CBD Hemp Flowers at Home

Consuming cannabis doesn't mean you have to smoke it. Below are a few ways that you can enjoy this legal substance right from the comfort of your own home. v

Mix with Tea

One of the most common ways to use hemp CBD or CBD oil at home is by adding them to your tea. Whether you choose to blend it with regular green tea or prefer the taste of black tea leaves, high CBD flowers are a great natural addition to any type of tea. From curing upset stomachs to reducing discomfort or increasing energy, there’s a hemp flower CBD for everything.

If you’re considering adding hemp flower to your next cup of tea, blending your high CBD flower with the following types of tea may help with the following health conditions:

  • Peppermint Tea: Great for upset stomachs
  • Chamomile Tea: Excellent in reducing discomfort and promoting a good night's sleep
  • Black Tea or Green Tea: Superb way to increase energy or get rid of a headache

Use in Bath

Another great way that many people use full-spectrum CBD flower is by adding it to their bath. Topical CBD hemp flower products are great remedies for those looking for ache relief, and relying on products like bath bombs or bath salts are an excellent way to integrate CBD flowers into your self-care routine. For maximum effect, all you need to do is throw your favorite dried hemp flower in your bath or purchase a CBD hemp flower infused bath soap.

Additionally, you can also purchase a hemp flower bath bomb to make things even easier. Simply drop the bath bomb in your bathtub as the water fills up and you’re all set. The only thing left to do is lay back and relax.

While you can purchase some of these products at your local hemp store, they're also incredibly fun and easy to make at home. Additionally, you may also want to consider using CBD hemp flower in your essential oils collection.

Add to Honey

There's nothing like a little sweet honey to soothe your body, mind, and soul. Few things go better with honey than hemp flower, and with its wide range of health benefits, hemp flower is an excellent addition to any beverage combination.

Use with Cooking Ingredients

Many people also like to use their CBD flowers as additional ingredients when cooking or to bake. Dried hemp flowers not only make for an excellent cooking ingredient, but they can also be used in a variety of ways with all of your favorite recipes.

If you're just getting started using hemp flowers in the kitchen, one of the simplest ways to include it in recipes is to use it as an additional seasoning. All you need to do is take a batch of dry herb hemp flower and crush it up over your food before putting it in the oven and enjoy the many benefits that hemp flowers have to provide when it’s done.

Infuse with Kombucha

Kombucha by itself has several significant health benefits. From curing nausea to improving digestion and overall gut health, kombucha is the perfect drink for anyone looking for an incremental boost in their health. However, when infused with hemp flowers, kombucha’s advantages increase exponentially.

Hemp flower-infused kombucha and other beverages have become increasingly popular over the years and are popping up in breweries and convenient stores all across the country. If you’re not a big fan of how hemp flower tastes by itself, consider mixing it with your kombucha to mask the taste.

Add to Lotion

Last, but certainly not least, another great way to consider using hemp flower at home is by adding it to your lotion. Today, many people enjoy using topical hemp flower products. From sore muscles to everyday aches or even simply to achieve an overall calming effect, topical hemp flower has many great uses.

If you’re looking for a convenient and easy way to use CBD flower at home, grab your favorite hand or body lotion and sprinkle in some hemp flower. Be sure to put the leftover hemp flower in a resealable container so that you can save it for whenever you need it next.

Vaping vs. Smoking vs. Cooking

It's safe to say that smoking CBD is one of the most popular ways to reap the rewards of good quality cannabis. Vaping, smoking, and cooking with CBD buds has become widely popular over the years. Let’s take a closer look at why you can’t go wrong with either option.


When inhaling CBD oil, it is absorbed directly into your blood. This fast absorption immediately affects all your physiological functions, including cravings, mood, immune support, and energy levels. Additionally, vaping good oil CBD strains can also prove to be vital in helping the body to reach homeostasis.

Here are a few additional advantages of vaping cannabinoids:

Free of Harmful Chemicals

Since vaping CBD only generates vapor, there are no harmful chemicals that could potentially damage your body.


CBD vapes come in several shapes and sizes, all of which can fit nicely in your pocket. Furthermore, as soon as you've taken a hit of your CBD vape pen, the vapor immediately dissipates and leaves no lingering scents or smells.


Whether you decide to enjoy CBD by smoking hemp CBD cigarette or CBD pre-rolls, smoking CBD flower provides several significant advantages of its own:


Cannabidiol CBD hemp flower buds closely resemble the look and odor of marijuana — which also comes from the cannabis plant — but don’t bring any unwanted psychoactive effects with it. While hemp flowers are CBD-rich, they are low in THC content, which allows for a calming and relaxing feeling, without the additional effects.

Great Alternative to Cigarettes

Above all, hemp plant CBD has also been proven to be able to help people who are looking to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes. In recent studies, smokers who used a CBD vape during the day smoke fewer cigarettes than average and reported decreased overall nicotine cravings.


Eating CBD is another effective way to reap the whole host of benefits this plant has, and it takes a lot of forms from cannabutter (also known as cannabis-infused butter) to CBD gummies. This means that whether you use CBD buds for uneasiness, fear, discomfort, or other ailments, using CBD in your food recipes is another excellent way to take advantage of those benefits. Some of the great benefits of cooking with CBD include:

  • Maintaining complete control over the effectiveness
  • Great in disguising the taste of CBD in your favorite foods
  • Save money by purchasing CBD-infused cooking oil or pre-made CBD edibles

Contact ERTH Today For All of Your Hemp Flower and Hemp Plant Needs

While there are some days where you might want to chill out with a powerful marijuana strain like Hawaiian Haze, there's also something to be said for skipping the THC and going for CBD products instead.

There are lots of ways you can use a full-spectrum CBD flower at home. Whether you choose to add it in with your next meal, mix it with a warm cup of tea, or add it to your bath at the end of the day, CBD flowers have several great everyday uses for everyone. However, the best way to learn which is your favorite is by exploring its uses for yourself.

At ERTH, we have the best CBD isolate and CBD-rich hemp products for everyone. Whether you’re looking for great vape juices or tinctures, we have a large selection of top-tier cannabinoids products that we know you will enjoy. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with high-quality CBD and hand-picked hemp flower CBD products with excellent smell, taste, and effect.

Contact ERTH today to learn more about our great selection of CBD flowers, order your own CBD products ,or fill out a brief questionnaire to be eligible for a free sample today.

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