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What Does HHC Do To You?


As the world continues to embrace the cannabis plant in all its glory, there are many questions that pop up in relation to how certain cannabinoids make you feel, more specifically how’s the high? It’s pretty common knowledge that CBD doesn’t make you high, but marijuana certainly does!

But there are many other psychoactive cannabinoids found within the hemp plant that fall somewhere between these two extremes. One such cannabinoid is new-ish in terms of popularity but has actually been around since the 1940s. Yep, we’re talking about HHC. If you’re curious to learn more about what HHC is, the types of products available, and ultimately, what does HHC do to you, you're in luck! Keep reading for the latest information about this fascinating psychoactive cannabinoid!

HHC: The New Cannabinoid On The Block

HHC, short for hexahydrocannabinol, is one of the newest cannabinoids to enjoy raging success amongst psychoactive cannabinoid users. This unique cannabinoid is considered semi-synthetic by some and a naturally occurring hemp compound by others. The reason why might surprise you. Its molecular structure is simply two hydrogen molecules that have saturated a THC molecule by means of a catalyst, a method first discovered by Harvard-trained chemist Roger Adams. Adams intended to create a legal compound that was similar to traditional marijuana but not quite as unstable. Thanks to the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill and modern science, we can now enjoy HHC in a variety of products.

This hydrogenation process is actually very simple when you relate it to two very familiar kitchen products: butter and margarine. By use of hydrogenation, vegetable oil is converted into a butter-like substance that is more stable and has a longer shelf life. This same principle applies when it comes to HHC: a more stable compound that also has a longer shelf life. Interestingly enough, HHC products won’t break down as quickly as Delta-9 THC when exposed to heat, light, and air.

Marijuana, CBD, and Delta-8 THC

The perception of marijuana is radically shifting at an astonishing rate. More and more states have begun to legalize both the medicinal and recreational use of weed. Whether it be to boost tax revenue or that the idea behind this “gateway drug” has finally begun to die out, marijuana continues to be the standard in which people compare their high to. If you’ve ever tried weed and been scarred by its overwhelming and intoxicating effects, you’re not alone. Many users have either consumed too much marijuana in a single sitting or have consumed the wrong strain.

This uncomfortable sensation of being too high is what drove many users to try CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid (read: does not get the user high). While CBD does indeed deliver many benefits to those suffering from joint and muscle aches, uneasiness, and many other mental and physical ailments, some users craved the initial high of marijuana, albeit before the high got too intense. That’s where Delta-8 THC gleaned much of its popularity. Delta-8 THC was touted for its ability to get the user high while still leaving the individual clear-headed and in control.

Will HHC Get Me High?

Now that we have some idea of how familiar cannabinoids like CBD and Delta-8 THC feel, we can convey a better understanding of how HHC works. We now know that HHC is simply a hydrogenated THC molecule, which rightfully leads us to believe that the effects will be stronger than CBD, similar to marijuana, and most likely stronger than Delta-8 THC.

But just what does HHC do to you, or rather, how high will you feel? The honest answer is it depends. Your high will vary based on a number of factors such as weight, age, gender, previous exposure to THC, metabolism, and more. For example, an individual who works out, eats clean, and gets plenty of sleep each night will have a considerably different high as opposed to a stressed out, overworked individual who wants nothing more than to go home, eat a quick meal, and hop into bed for a few hours before going to work the next day.

The intensity and duration of your high also depends on the type of product used and the milligram amount of HHC consumed per session. Inhalables like prerolls and vape cartridges tend to hit hard and fast, usually within 5 minutes, but the high may only last for 1-2 hours. Edibles, on the other hand, may take up to 90 minutes to fully kick in, but the high can last for more than 8 hours. If you only consumed 5mg of HHC in vapor form as opposed to 25mg of HHC in a gummy, you’d most likely notice a substantial difference in the high overall. It also depends on what type of strain was used in that particular product. Remember that just as marijuana comes in indica, sativa, and hybrid forms, the same is true for HHC products.

Just How High Will HHC Make Me Feel?

The reported effects of HHC are quite varied, but the general consensus is that it is similar to a traditional marijuana high, just not quite as intense (about 70-80% less). Some users report it feels somewhat stronger than a Delta-8 THC high, which is understandable given HHC’s chemical structure. Some users prefer to use HHC during the day to spark creativity whereas others use HHC as a way to relax after a long day; but that decision is completely up to you and what you feel most comfortable with. Others report that an HHC high feels like a sativa strain, whereas Delta-8 THC carries more of an indica strain sensation.

When it comes to describing the high itself, the high has been likened to a rich euphoria that is deeply relaxing. Users feel more giggly with a heightened sense of humor accompanied by a jovial mood. You can expect to feel more focused and creative, allowing you to tackle mundane tasks with ease or start a project you’ve been procrastinating on. The effects of HHC are gradual rather than hard-hitting, allowing you to comfortably settle in as the high progresses. You may feel energized and alert, prompting you to start up your gym sessions again. You may feel a shift in your headspace, like a slight fog that has rolled in that leaves you curious and inquisitive rather than couch-locked and sleepy.


In terms of what does HHC do to you? Quite a lot, actually! The effects are wonderfully calming but can also help you feel motivated, energized, and focused. You may feel motivated and alert, or you may feel relaxed and peaceful. In terms of how much different is the high when compared to Delta-8 and 9 THC, the effects are somewhat similar but noticeably different. Remember that HHC highs are subjective; the high will vary based on the individual. This is a good thing! Each person’s high will be unique to them personally, meaning that you can use HHC for a variety of reasons. HHC is legal on a federal level, but some states may have their own legislation on how this psychoactive cannabinoid can be sold and consumed within that state.

If you’re ready to take the plunge in the wonderful world of HHC, congrats! To help you along in your journey, we here at Erth Hemp offer an exquisite collection of HHC products: two unique strains of HHC vape cartridges (Melon Gum and Golden Goat) and peach-flavored HHC gummies. All of our products are subjected to rigorous testing by third-party independent labs and the results of these tests are available upon request, on the product packaging, and on our website. If you have any questions related to HHC, other hemp-derived cannabinoids, or simply want to share your experiences with us, we encourage you to leave a comment below! We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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