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Will Mushroom Gummies Make You Trip?

Will Mushroom Gummies Make You Trip?


Magic mushrooms have been around for centuries, but it was a Life magazine article in 1957 that really drew widespread attention to the benefits of psychedelic mushrooms. After that, interest grew rapidly in the use of mushrooms as many did research to understand their effects.

It has been a long, strange trip since then, with shrooms becoming illegal by 1968, research stalling in some of the decades following, and then a resurgent interest in the effects of mushrooms leading us up to the introduction of mushroom gummies and other supplement formats. 

As the access to mushrooms has changed, and products have become sleek and sophisticated, you may be wondering if mushroom gummies will make you trip. Read on to learn more about today's shrooming experiences and how we got here.

The Rise, Fall, and Rise Again of Magic Mushrooms

Once the Life magazine article was published, people became hungry to know more about the magic mushroom experience. Simultaneously, more scientists began to look at the effects of psilocybin and psilocin in these magic mushrooms to understand how they interacted with our brains.

Unfortunately, the growth of the magic mushroom came to a screeching halt by the late 1960s when legislation began to make them illegal, and they were classified as Schedule I drugs when the Controlled Substances Act was signed by President Nixon in 1970.

But we had not seen the end of magic mushrooms, and 50 years later, they would enter the spotlight once again. Now, magic mushrooms are being explored in clinical trials for a possible treatment for a variety of mental health disorders and other conditions, including Parkinson's disease and cancer.

Additionally, their recreational use is once again flourishing as laws are changing in some states, and mushrooms are now available in gummy form. People who may have been turned off by the aroma, texture, and taste of a dried mushroom find it easier to enjoy their benefits by popping a sweet and tasty gummy into their mouths.

Mushroom Gummies: How They Work

Will Mushroom Gummies Make You Trip?

A mushroom gummy contains extracts of the mushroom: do not worry that you are suddenly going to bite down on a chewy stem or become overwhelmed by an earthy aroma. That's the true beauty of the gummy; you're getting the benefits of mushrooms in something that tastes like a fruity treat!

Before mushrooms are used in gummies any toxins will be removed through a boiling process, and then the desired compounds can be added from powder form to a gummy mixture.  Flavorings are added to make them more palatable, and the result is a discreet and portable way to enjoy mushrooms.

There is an important distinction to remember when it comes to mushroom gummies: some are "functional," and some are "magic." In other words, some mushroom gummies will make you trip, and some will not. But both have benefits!

Functional Mushroom Gummies

Mushroom gummies, capsules, and other supplements have become increasingly popular in recent years thanks to the many ways mushrooms aid in overall health. These are often referred to as "functional" in that mushrooms have long been linked to ancient or functional medicine.

Ancient cultures harnessed the power of mushrooms for everything from wound healing to an anti-inflammatory tool. We know that mushrooms can be part of a healthy diet not only because they are nutrient-rich and low in calories but also because of their natural ability to contribute to a wide variety of important functions in our bodies.

Mushrooms have been known to:

  • Boost the immune system
  • Improve cognitive function
  • Decrease blood pressure

There are also some promising studies pointing to the links between mushrooms and reduced cancer risks. It is safe to say that even regular old mushrooms, like the kind you find on your salad or pizza, are "magic" in their own way!

Magic Mushroom Gummies

All of the aforementioned health benefits make mushrooms an easy sell, and there is also another dimension to fungi that makes them appealing to recreational users. Certain mushrooms can take you on a trip unlike any other!

Magic mushroom gummies are those that do everything from enhance your mood to elevate your consciousness and allow you to see a different reality. They are, in their own ways, medicinal for some users. They can also be enjoyed just for the fun of it!

Magic mushroom gummies are an easy way to elevate an ordinary experience into an extraordinary one, and they pair well with some of life's best adventures. 

If there's a downside to magic mushroom gummies, it's the fact that they are still illegal in some places. However, new legislative efforts around psilocybin are growing in popularity, especially as we learn more about how it can be used to treat mental health conditions. There is also an exciting alternative, thanks to the magical Amanita Muscaria mushroom.

The Road Trip Difference: Amanita Mushroom Gummies

Our gummies are made using the magical Amanita muscaria mushroom, which is easily recognizable thanks to its distinct reddish-orange cap and white spots. These mushrooms have featured in pop culture for years, popping up everywhere, from Alice in Wonderland to the Smurfs.

They are unique in that their psychoactive effects come from the presence of muscimol (unlike other magic mushrooms containing psilocybin).

Will Mushroom Gummies Make You Trip?

Magic mushrooms intimidate many people who have never experienced psychedelic effects, and this is why gummies made using Amanita mushrooms fill in a sort of middle ground. In smaller doses, the effects of muscimol will be mild and not overpowering. Users might describe them as calm and soothing.

In larger doses, these gummies can bring users into a vivid dream-like state or heighten their sense of creativity. Amanita mushroom gummies can be enjoyed everywhere, from a rock festival to a river retreat.

Mushroom Gummy Trips: Dosing Is Key

When it comes to any kind of magic mushroom, you want to avoid overdoing it, especially if you are a first-timer. A good trip can turn bad if you overdo it, and the unpleasant effects of a bad trip could include a racing heart, nausea, and paranoia, to name a few.

By starting out slowly, you can see how your body responds to psilocybin or muscimol and then adjust accordingly.

The general rules of thumb when it comes to Road Trip gummies are:

Starter Dose: ½ Gummy

This first dose offers a gentle mood boost, and this is the best place to start if you are inexperienced with the effects of Amanita mushrooms.

Low Dose: 1 Gummy

The first full gummy may be your initial taste of the true psychedelic experience. Your senses will be heightened, and your creativity will be sparked.

Moderate Dose: Two Gummies

Two full gummies provide a deeper connection with your surroundings and your senses. 

High Dose: Three Gummies

Effects will be significant at this level as you venture deep into the realms of your own emotions and psyche.

Diving in the Deep End: Four Gummies

Be prepared to become fully immersed in a psychedelic experience at this stage. Four gummies are recommended for experienced users only.

Final Thoughts on Mushroom Gummies

Both functional and magic mushroom gummies can provide incredible benefits. Just be sure to use them wisely by following dosage guidelines and purchasing only from high-quality manufacturers. Road Trip is committed to bringing you the best in Amanita mushroom gummies, and we are sure it's a trip you are going to love!

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