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Delta-8 Sample of Vegan Gummies - Sample Size

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  • 50MG Delta-8 "Storyteller"
  • 40MG Δ8 : 10MG CBN "Dreamcatcher"
  • 40MG Δ8 : 10MG CBG "Warrior"


Say hello to our Delta-8 Vegan Gummies, now available in a sample size! This powerful cannabinoid edible has taken the market by storm! If you've always wanted to try quality Delta-8 but never knew what to try, now's your chance!

Our sample size features two gummies for a total of two servings.  We recommend starting off with a single gummy but feel free to start with less than that and work your way up. Our gummies Each soft and spongey sweet is packed with 25mg of Delta-8. 

Browse our three unique flavors of Delta-8 sample of Vegan Gummies, available in pineapple (Storyteller), blue raspberry (Dreamcatcher), and mango (Warrior). If you're impressed with the sample size, make sure to stock up on our full-sized bottle. 


POUCH SIZE: 2 Pieces (2 Servings)


Storyteller - 25mg of Delta-8 . (Pineapple)

Dreamcatcher - 20mg of Delta-8 & 5mg of CBN. (Blue Raspberry)

Warrior - 20mg of Delta-8 & 5mg of CBG. (Mango)

SUGGESTED USE: Adults take 1 serving as needed. 

This product may take up to 1 hour to feel its effects. It is recommended to start off with a small dose, wait, and work your way up if needed. Do not drive or operate machinery or consume alcohol when taking this product. This product contains a hemp-derived derivative of THC and may show up on a drug test. 

OTHER INGREDIENTS: Organic Tapioca Syrup, Organic Can Sugar, Pectin, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate.

Delta-8 Sample of Vegan Gummies - Sample Size SAMPLE
Delta-8 Sample of Vegan Gummies - Sample Size
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