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D8+THCp+D10+D9 - Unicorn Piss (hybrid) - 2 Gram - Pen

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• D8+THCp+D10+D9

• Unicorn Piss (Hybrid)

• Rechargeable

• No Fillers

• 3rd Party Lab Tested (ISO 17025)


Unicorn Piss, a powerful and tasty hybrid strain, is becoming a cannabis cult favorite. This strain has a strong tropical flavor of pineapple, mango, and guava, with peach, berry, and citrus undertones. A tinge of coconut and brown spice balances these fruity flavors, producing a unique and delightful experience. Unicorn Piss is a balanced hybrid with the best of both worlds. It gives a strong, euphoric high that's wonderful for unwinding after a long day and a creative, invigorating boost for getting things done. This strain is ideal for relaxing without getting sleepy and it tastes as well as it works. Unicorn Piss' distinctive flavors and effects may be enjoyed anywhere with our all ceramic 2 gram cart. Unicorn Piss is worth trying if you want a powerful, tasty hybrid strain or just want to try something different.

Flavor & Aroma: Mango, Pineapple, Peach
Top Effects: Calm, Happy
Primary Terpenes: Limonene, Myrcene, Ocimeme

  • 2 Grams
  • Micro - USB Rechargeable
  • 1.2 Ohm / 3.7v
  • Patented Dual Air Flow Design

Caution: Not intended for use by pregnant or nursing women. If you are taking medications or have any medical conditions, consult your doctor before use. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur.

Do NOT drive, operate machinery or consume alcohol when taking this product.

Not intended for use by persons under the age of 21

*This product is not available for shipment to the following states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, North, Dakota, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia

  • 2 Grams
  • Mini USB Rechargeable
  • 1.2 Ohm
  • Patented Dual Air Flow Design

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    Lab Reports
    D8+THCp+D10+D9 - Unicorn Piss (hybrid) - 2 Gram - Pen
    D8+THCp+D10+D9 - Unicorn Piss (hybrid) - 2 Gram - Pen
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