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What Is Microdosing?

What Is Microdosing?


Many people might describe microdosing like quinoa: it sounds good, right? You hear it's good for you, too, but what the heck is it?  Just like that mysterious ingredient in your grain bowl, microdosing is something that seems to have blown up overnight.

Experienced shroomers, as well as cannabis aficionados, jumped on this bandwagon quickly, but if you are new to the world of microdosing, rest assured it's an easy thing to master with a little bit of practical guidance.

What Is Microdosing?

What Is Microdosing?

Going back to your earliest science classes in school, you probably have a memory of learning "micro" and "macro." Most of us have known since we were quite young that the former meant small and the latter is large. Therefore, it doesn't take an advanced degree to figure out the key to microdosing: taking small doses.

A microdose would typically mean one-tenth or even one-twentieth of a regular dose (of mushrooms, cannabis, or other recreational gummies). There is no one set number, weight, or other measurement that defines a microdose. 

Broadly speaking, it is a dose small enough to feel some of the benefits of mushrooms or cannabis but without the intensity of a full dose. In other words, a microdose does not generate a full-blow trip (or a full-blown high).

You may be tempted to ask at this point, "Then why take it at all?"

Microdoses may not leave the user with mind-bending effects, but they may have other highly desired effects, such as heightened mental clarity or reduced anxiety.

The Magic of Microdosing

In addition to the benefits outlined above, there are still other ways microdosing is an attractive method for many fans of mushrooms and cannabis.

The Magic of Microdosing

Microdosing may allow you to enjoy THC, mushrooms, or even a combination of the two while also maintaining your regular routine. Most experienced shroomers would tell you that during a fully-dosed trip, they would be unable to go to work, care for family members, or handle a wide range of other responsibilities. This can also be true when using particularly potent strains of THC.

However, a microdose may not impair your normal functioning; instead, it may leave you feeling better overall, with less anxiety and more clarity. The trick is determining the microdose that's right for you, and this will vary from person to person. 

Your body size, your mindset, and your surroundings may all play a role in how you respond to a microdose.

Tips for Microdosing

Even though microdosing typically does not result in intense effects, if you are trying it for the first time, consider these tips:

  • Microdose only one substance until you see how your body reacts. You may decide you can microdose both mushrooms and THC together in time, but try them each on their own first.
  • Start with the lowest recommended dose and work your way up as needed.
  • Let a friend know you are trying a microdose so they can assist you if you end up with any undesired effects.
  • Check ingredients carefully when microdosing gummies to be sure you know exactly what you are taking. Buy from only reputable manufacturers who are transparent about ingredients and also safety test their products.

Is Microdosing Legal?

The answer varies! Both THC and mushrooms can be purchased legally in a number of places if they meet certain criteria. Hemp-derived cannabis with a dry weight of .03% THC or less was made legal thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, and many manufacturers now offer THC in gummies, tinctures, and more. 

Mushrooms containing psilocybin are still illegal in most places, but Amanita Muscaria mushrooms—which derive their effects from muscimol—are legal in many states, Louisiana being one exception.

Road Trip Gummies are perfect for first-time microdosers and even seasoned shroomers. Give them a try to discover the Amanita difference!

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