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Full Spectrum CBD + THC Gummies - Vegan - Strawberry Kiwi - 750mg

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• 30 Gummies per jar

• 25mg Full Spectrum CBD + 2mg THC Per Piece

• +2mg THC Per Piece

• Strawberry Kiwi Flavored

• 3rd Party Lab Tested (ISO 17025)


Our Full-Spectrum products are carefully formulated to contain amounts of the most naturally occurring cannabinoids, including CBD, CBG, CBN, and even small amounts of THC. When combined, these cannabinoids work synergistically to bind more efficiently to our endocannabinoid systems, producing what's known as the Entourage Effect. Experience the full potential of hemp with our premium Full-Spectrum gummies.




WARNING: For adult use only. Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Consult you physician if you are taking prescription medications or have underlying medical conditions. If you experience adverse reactions, discontinue use and consult your physician.


Suggested Use: Adults take 1 serving as needed.

Size: 30 Piece Jar

Strength:25mg CBD + 2mg THC Per Gummy

Flavor:Strawberry Kiwi

Full Spectrum CBD Gummies - Vegan - Strawberry Kiwi - 750mg
Full Spectrum CBD + THC Gummies - Vegan - Strawberry Kiwi - 750mg

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Full Spectrum Mean?

Full Spectrum means that the “full” plant was used. Many consumers strongly advocate the “Entourage Effect” with full-spectrum gummies, a theory that implies that your body can harness greater benefits as opposed to broad-spectrum or CBD isolate gummies. While this theory has yet to be proven through scientific testing, it makes sense that more parts of the plant can give better overall results , even if only marginally. Full-spectrum CBD products will have all of the plant’s naturally occurring terpenes, flavonoids, and minor cannabinoids (including 0.3% THC).

Is There THC In Full Spectrum? 

Our Full Spectrum Gummies contain 2mg of THC per piece. According to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp-derived products must contain only 0.3% THC by weight in order to be considered federally legal. The naturally occurring trace amounts of THC aren’t enough to get the user high, but may still cause THC metabolites in digestion. Full spectrum products do not undergo any additional processing to remove the THC, making them a more natural option opposed to broad-spectrum or CBD isolate products.

Will I Still Pass A Drug Test?

Drug tests do not specify the type of THC consumed, whether it be from hemp or marijuana. Rather, the tests only show the presence of THC metabolites in the blood. These THC metabolites are formed when any detectable THC is absorbed and processed for purging within the body. The more frequently you consume products that contain THC (even trace amounts), the higher the possibility of THC metabolites showing up on a drug test. If your employement requires random drug tests, you may want to opt for broad-spectrum, CBD isolate, or THC-free products.

Are Full Spectrum Gummies Better Than Broad Spectrum?

In the hemp industry, there’s no specification on which product is “better” than another; it simply depends on your intents and purposes for consuming a particular product type. Consumers who do not notice any change on broad-spectrum or CBD isolate products may feel a noticeable difference in full-spectrum products due to having access to the naturally occurring compounds. Instead of asking if they are “better,” it’s more accurate to say that full-spectrum products may be more effective for your personal reasons and lifestyle choices when compared to other options.

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