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"Warrior" - 80mg Delta-8 : 20mg CBG Gummies - Mango - (Sample Size)

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• 40mg Delta-8 + 10mg CBG Per Piece

• Addition of CBG Promotes Relief

• Sweet Mango Flavor

• 3rd Party Lab Tested (ISO 17025)


Behold the sacred gift of Native Extracts "Warrior" Vegan Gummies, crafted with the wisdom of the ancients for your journey of renewal. Each enchanted gummy, infused with 40mg of Delta-8 THC and 10mg of CBG, is a testament to the harmonious blend of nature's finest elements, guiding you towards healing and balance.

Savor the divine mango flavor, a taste bestowed by the spirits, as "Warrior" gummies restore your strength after the trials of the day. Encased in a 20-piece pouch, these mystical gummies offer a portable sanctuary for those seeking the path of enhanced recovery.

The union of CBG and Delta-8 THC works in concert, weaving a tapestry of relaxation, alleviating discomfort, and reviving your vital energy. Embrace the sacred symbiosis of relief and rejuvenation with Native Extracts "Warrior" Vegan Gummies. Cast away the shadows of fatigue and greet the dawn of renewed vigor.


POUCH SIZE: 2 Pieces

STRENGTH: 40mg Delta-8 :10mg CBG per piece

SUGGESTED USE: Adults take 1 serving as needed. We suggest starting with a 1/4 to 1/2 dose first to assess your tolerance.

OTHER INGREDIENTS: Organic Tapioca Syrup, Organic Can Sugar, Pectin, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Fruit and Vegetable Juice for Color.


This product may take up to 1 hour to feel effects. It is recommended to start off with a small dose, wait, and work your way up if needed. Do not drive or operate machinery or consume alcohol when taking this product.


BOTTLE SIZE: 20 Pieces (20 Servings)

STRENGTH: 40mg of Delta-8 : 10mg of CBG each.

SUGGESTED USE: Adults take 1 serving as needed 30 minutes before bed. 

This product may take up to 1 hour to feel effects. It is recommended to start off with a small dose, wait, and work your way up if needed. Do not drive or operate machinery or consume alcohol when taking this product. This product contains a hemp derived derivative of THC and may show up on a drug test. 

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"Warrior" - 80mg Delta-8 : 20mg CBG Gummies - Mango - (Sample Size)

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is HHC?

HHC, short for hexahydrocannabinol, is the hydrogenated form of Delta-9 THC. This particular cannabinoid is known as a semi-synthetic. Some experts argue that HHC is found in extremely low quantities, while others state it is not naturally present. HHC is created by adding water to Delta-9 THC via a catalyst in order to make a stronger, more stable cannabinoid. This catalyst and hydrogenation is what causes some cannabis enthusiasts to call it semi-synthetic. You can read more about what HHC is by clicking on our article here, but it’s thought to be about 80% potent as a traditional marijuana high.

How Does HHC Compare To Delta-8 THC?

The hemp-derived cannabinoid HHC will indeed get you high, with some experts claiming it can be about 30-40% more intense than traditional Delta-8 THC. This estimation is difficult to prove exactly, as both Delta-8 THC and HHC affect each user differently. One major differentiation with HHC is that users unanimously report feeling a noticeable improvement in mood, often with an increase in the sense of humor.

Is HHC Safe?

When derived from federally legal hemp, HHC is considered safe for public consumption by adults 21+. Many reputable companies offer third-party independent lab testing to prove the product’s potency and purity. When in doubt, always check for this Certificate of Authenticity, verifying the information listed on that CoA, customer reviews, etc. For best results, HHC should be consumed in a safe and calm environment to deliver a smooth and uplifting high.

Can I Take More Than 1 Gummy For A Stronger High?

If you’ve never consumed HHC gummies before, it's always recommended to start off with just one gummy. You’ll want to pay close attention to your body’s reaction and make note of how fast the effects kick in, how you felt throughout the duration of the high, and how long the high lasted. If you feel like the high was too mellow or didn’t last long enough for your liking, you can always gradually increase your dosages until you find your sweet spot. Try adding half a gummy the next time, and repeat each session until you’re comfortable with the effects. It’s never recommended to pop several gummies just because you want to see what will happen; you may find yourself in the throes of an overwhelming uncomfortable high and you’ll simply have to ride it out. Remember that you can always consume more in the next session, but it’s impossible to reverse or decrease the effects once the high has started.

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